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Part 8: Act II - Always Tip Your Delivery Guy

Act II - Always Tip Your Delivery Guy

Full cinematic video here -

McCoy is busy taking a nap, so let's see what's happening elsewhere.

This Rastafarian guy is Sadik. Think of the most stereotypical Jamaican looking guy, with the most stereotypical accent you could imagine.

Nothing says gritty sci-fi noir like a campy Rastafarian character, right?

I spared you from a gratuitous ass crack shot here.

Tyrell Corporation is the main company that manufactures the offworld Replicants, including the NEXUS models that we've been busy hunting down. They're basically the General Motors of the future, except with killer androids instead of exploding gas tanks and rollover prone SUVs.

If you saw the movie, this makes a bit more sense, but basically there's a fail-safe built into Replicants - a 4 year lifespan ingrained in their genetic makeup. When their time is up, they just go plop and fall over. Since these Replicants are smart enough to have a sense of self-preservation, they're not particularly happy about an artificial limit on their lives imposed by some genetic designer, and they naturally want to find a way to extend it.

The book, incidentally, doesn't talk about a lifespan limit of any sort. The motivation there was that offworld Replicants were used as slave labour, and they only tried to return to Earth to lead normal 'human' lives and to be left alone. This plays into the whole theme of personal liberty: you've got the remnants of humanity trapped on Earth; the escaped Replicants hoping to find freedom by living here; then you had these bounty hunters, represented by Deckard, who had the job of hunting down and killing these escaped slaves.

Who are we suppose to cheer for in all of this?

I forsee more dead animals for McCoy to scrape off the floor.