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Part 9: Act II - To Make Soap, First We Render Fat

Act II - To Make Soap, First We Render Fat

Another day, another Replicant sighting.

This time, there's been a murder at the Tyrell building, home of Replicant manufacturing. McCoy's been told to get over there ASAP. The victim's name is Dr. Marcus Eisenduller, some sort of high level scientist.

That's the Tyrell building up ahead.

Tyrell Corp. in the movie (and in this game) is portrayed as a kind of monolithic corporate power, being the leader in this Replicant manufacturing field and able to dictate governmental policies. It's represented in the way their corporate building rises above the muck and decay of the surrounding Los Angeles area like some sun god.

It's not a surprise then that the architecture itself is based on a Mayan temple:

You can tell this security guard really cares about his job. "What, there's been a murder upstairs? And it was my fault? Ah well... whatever."

At least we have the security footage, so hopefully we can extract some useful images off that.

This is the scene of the crime at the Grav Lab, so we can start looking for evidence now.

First thing to note is the bank of computers over to the right. Notice that blotch of like 5 pixels underneath it? It's an earring someone dropped. Pixel hunting in an adventure game? Fucking unheard of.

This wasn't the first time we've seen dragonfly jewelry in this game.

We can also check the computers over on the right:

Unfortunately, McCoy isn't the brightest crayon in the box, so there's no way we can hack into Tyrell Corporation's systems at this point.

If only we found a password of some sort.


I like McCoy's priorities. Some fatass had a bomb shoved down his throat and is now dripping off the walls? No problem.

Three dead dogs? Time to hurl!

On our way down, we bump into Crystal. She works her own cases and we don't see her too much just yet, but depending on your decisions in the game, she can either be your best pal or your worst enemy.

Sounds like it's confirmation that this murderer was a Replicant.

Time to head back to the station and look at the security footage.

Now we let just load the security disc up on the ESPER machine... one enhancable image found.

Remember, we've got the ability to zoom in and look for clues.

Where in the photograph should we focus in on?

Jerusalem posted:

I'd like to see if we can make out any details of his silver armband.

Looks like just a plain silver band, nothing identifying we can use to follow up on.

Jerusalem posted:

It looks like his face will be obscured

Ah, but you forget, in the Future™, we can turn the camera around in a photo.

Looks like we have a clear picture of the perp. Not only that, he's wearing the dragonfly earring we found earlier. Remember, we also saw a dragonfly anklet around Lucy's foot:

... from the first animal murder scene. Seems like we have our link.

3 more clues to go in the picture.>

Shugojin posted:

Anything we can learn from zooming in on that gun he's holding?

Looks like a MAC-10? I guess? I'm not TFR enough for this thread.

Anywhere else, we could pull some identifying marks from the gun, but remember this is Los Angeles. Everyone has an SMG.

Shugojin posted:

What about that thing that looks like a crate of papers that he brought in with him?

Hmm, didn't the security guard say the guy was disguised as a delivery man?

We can magnify this a bit.

It's a takeout box from 'Kingston Kitchen', a Jamaican cafe down on Animoid Row. Sounds like a good place to look for clues after this.


It's probably nothing, but I'd like a closer look at the yellow package/box about halfway up the righthand side.

Looks like just the box from the last McHappy meal the guy ate. Do you think they'll have McDonald's in the Future™?

Oh who am I kidding, when we colonize Mars, McDonald's will be the first place erected, and on each corner of the building there will be a Starbucks.

IMJack posted:

Or the tattoos he has on either arm?

Hmm, we can't see his other arm, really, let's see if we can take a closer look.

What the heck is that square thing.

The camera spins around and we've found the murder weapon - plastic explosives. Maybe the boys in the lab can use it to identify where it came from.

Ezelek posted:

What's that two cells left of the killer's butt? It looks like a tiny puppy to my eyes. Tiny puppies should be examined thoroughly for clues.

Well it's just a dog, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a closer look.

Wait, what's that on the collar?

"Rikki", maybe?

We're all finished with the photograph, and now we have part of the DNA info for the Replicant design.

Why would a cop need this? I don't know, but it might come in handy in the future.