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Original Thread: And you thought destruction would be therapeutic: Let's Play Blast Corps!!


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Blast Corps is an action/puzzle game for the Nintendo 64, developed by Rare and released in 1997. The plot is set as a pair of nuclear missiles start leaking during transit, which causes the guidance system on the carrier to automatically go into "OH SHIT" mode. The carrier then changes its course to go DIRECTLY towards the destination... buildings, rivers, and giant black cubes of TNT be damned.

This is where the Blast Corps comes in. As a member of this elite demolitions squad, you must use a variety of vehicles to plow down, boost above, pound apart, slide into, launch missiles at, sit on, backflip through, and uppercut the piss out of any building that stands in the path of the missiles. It's a good thing simply driving into buildings levels them so goddamn efficiently (to the point of there being nothing left but the ground paved underneath) because these missiles fucking EXPLODE at the slightest bump. So, to make sure that the warheads don't blow up all of the buildings in a 5 mile radius, we're going to destroy every building on the entire earth so that some scientists can do a "controlled detonation" away from civiliation, saving the city! .... hmm In addition to clearing a path, you are also given the task of activating all of the RDU's, or Radiation Dispersal Units, to help lower the radiation or something. Why these activate on proximity only, and not in response to radiation, we may never know Lastly, there are six scientists boarded up somewhere on earth that are required to set off the "controlled detonation". Each scientist you find gives you a clue on where another hidden one is. There's one really obvious one, but the others are buried pretty well.

Anyways, never mind the plot, let's just blow some shit up!!


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Episode 0 (or 1 I guess): "Boom, bitches "Viddler
Episode 2: "Smooth Organs"Viddler
Episode 3, Part 1: "Carrick P--... oh."Viddler
Episode 3.5: "Takin' a dip in Cooter Creek"Viddler
Episode 4: "Meeka? Mica? "Viddler
Episode 5: "In Loving Memory, Daytron"Viddler
Episode 6: "Yay, easy levels!Viddler
Episode 7: "The ThunderfistViddler
Episode 8 - "LOOKS TRICKYViddler
Episode 9: "Reunion"Viddler
Episode 10 - "Time to get movin "Viddler
Episode 11 - "Fuck Gibbon"Viddler

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Some badass bonus level runs
Salvage Wharf 29.5
Morgan Hall 17.6
Dark Heartland 24.3
J-Bomb Training 19.8
Gibbon's Gate 1:09.9
Baboon Catacomb 37.1
Mars 19.4

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Oh, fuck the Backlash. The point of the Backlash is to go into a slide just before hitting a building, using the momentum from its "armored rear" to destroy. Instead, this piece of shit has awful hit detection that, 99% of the time, will register as a weak hit, make you stop dead at the spot, and make like 3 specks of rubble fart out of the building. God I hate the backlash.

An interesting and somewhat uncommon vehicle, you destroy small buildings by backflipping into them. Once you start a backflip, you go into this short combo animation that destroys everything you touch. This lets you backflip into a fence and combo down a gigantic skyscraper.

Basically just a motorcycle... BUT WITH MISSILES! Perfect for leveling those buildings coincidentally built up on platforms that are inaccessible by driving or walking ( ). It has a pretty neat mechanic that allows you to shoot while accelerating to get a higher angle. More often than not though, this doesn't work and just pisses you off.

As far as destroying buildings is concerned, the J-Bomb is amazing. It can fly up above buildings, and ground-pound them to dust. It's pretty much broken as far as clearing paths, so I don't get why you can't just fly a J-Bomb around from level to level. The J-Bomb bonus levels make me want to kill myself though.

A normal bulldozer, capable of leveling most small-to-mid sized buildings. It's also able to push certain objects, most notably the giant black cubes of TNT which exist in some levels. These allow the Ramdozer to destroy larger bulidings.

A one-armed chrome robot that just oozes cool. He attacks by rolling at buildings, and on contact he delivers a crushing uppercut that demolishes anything in his badass path. He's missing an arm for some reason; I can only assume this is because he ripped it off with his other arm

Uses hydraulic extending arms that shoot rams out from the sides, destroying buildings on both sides of it. Fairly powerful, but it's damn impossible to perfectly line up the rams, considering they stop extending once they hit a building on either side.

A dune buggy that has nitro boosters which let you gain speed and fly off of ramps. The whole point of the Skyfall is that it has an armored bottom (for some reason) which allows it to completely obliterate anything it touches while in mid-air.

Other vehicles:
There exists a variety of hot rods, police cars, and more, that you can find in regular levels. They don't really blow anything up, but they go damn fast and are very useful for the bonus stages, some of which are races. There are also some support vehicles, such as trains, boats, and cranes. These allow you to transport vehicles and TNT, and can cover up gaps caused by the environment that would otherwise set off the missiles.

As you play each level, you are given medals (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) based on your performance. In levels where you are clearing a path for the missiles, you get a Gold medal simply for clearing the path. There's a secondary medal you can get by destroying all of the buildings, and activating all of the RDU's. There are also bonus levels where you must finish a race in a certain amount of time, or destroy x number of buildings. Some of them have really unique and fun scenarios that I wont spoil. In the bonus levels, you are given one medal based on your performance -- if memory serves, the medal you get is ALWAYS determined by how fast you complete the level, as opposed to how many objectives you complete/buildings you blow up/etc.

The reason I say "if memory serves" is because I opted not to re-beat the game while preparing, so that some genuine frustration is preserved. The levels start out relatively tame, but they eventually grow to a soul-piercing difficulty that disguises itself as just barely possible enough to make you keep trying for that gold medal. There are also Platinum medals available once you beat the game, but most of them are more unforgiving than the English language can really articulate. For the sake of my mental and physical wellbeing, I will only be going for 100% Golds. For the sake of this staying watchable as I start running out of things to comment on, I will attempt a 100% platinum run (I died a little just typing that).
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