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Original Thread: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger: The bluest combos, the hottest animes.




BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Aksys. It was released in November of 2008 in Japanese arcades, and saw a stateside PS3/360 port in June of 2009. The console version also contains a ridiculously expansive Story Mode, a sort of dramatic visual novel coating wrapped around the core gameplay. The story isn't too bad and does a few clever things while being completely insane most of the time. I'll also be showing off gameplay and mechanics as we go, as the visual, audio, and mechanical aspects are where this game really shines.

I'll be using the sort of current game, Continuum Shift: Extend for the actual game mechanics, because Calamity Trigger very old and not fun to play. Thread policy is NO STORY SPOILERS, but feel free to talk about mechanics all you want and how Litchi will never ever get nerfed in a million years or whatever. Talking about any characters this this game of the next in this fashion should be safe.

I started this LP about a year ago and decided I should finish it, so you're probably a bit behind. If you want to experience the true majesty of this LP, I'd suggest you watch the Beginning update, and then all of Ragna's. The stories are kind of connected, but you can really start with whatever character you want.

As a note, internal or descriptive dialog will be written in bold, while my own commentary will be in italics.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma coming to Japaneses consoles on Oct. 24th. It will be released in America in millions of years when you can play it with your nanofightpad.


Why are you using Continuum Shift Extend for gameplay?
Calamity Trigger is a bad game.

I too enjoy this game, may I offer my insightful commentary?
I'd really like to hear from people who know about characters I'm not as familiar with (Litchi, Rachel, Carl).

Will you get all the endings?
I'll get the True Ending for every character, and whatever other endings I feel are relevant. I'll probably do the comedy endings. The story branches will be done depending on thread choices.

You aren't very good at this game.
I know.

Table of Contents

True End 06


By theonlypie314SA


Ragna the Bloodedge is really pissed off all the time. He also hates vampires, blobby things, his brother, robots, and ghosts. Oh and he eats souls I guess? He's our main character for the most part. He possess an item of immense power called the Azure Grimoire, which seems to be where he gets his soul eating abilities.
Noel Vermillion is a luitenent in the Novus Orblum Libratium. She's a typical niave, inept anime heroine. She also turns into an emotionless killing machine now and then, don't mind that.
Jin Kisaragi is a war criminal hero gone rogue. He's also a psychopath who's rock hard about murdering his brother. Jin is all around a solid character, there's nothing he's really bad at. His story is central to the main BlazBlue storyline.
Rachel Alucard is a high class British anime vampire that seems to be the only one that knows what the hell is going on around here. She's a zoning character that shoots animals at people.
Carl Clover is teenage mercenary with a robot sister and a complex about having a robot sister. He's kind of a dick. As a character he's unique in that his sister acts as a second character during combat.
Iron Tager is a pretty chill frankenstein monster under the employ of the scientific organization Sector Seven. He's searching for the Azure Grimore and will piledriver the shit anyone in his way. He's the grappling character.
Litchi Faye-Ling is a doctor in Kagatsutchi and a former member of Sector 7. She's got high priority pokes and can control the screen very easily. Also she's boring.
Arakune is a guttertrash blob full of bugs infused with the power of the boundary. He's a cool guy who just wants to eat everyone and steal their power why you gotta hate. As a character he's got an unorthadox style of movement and attacking.
Taokaka is a stupid cat person from a clan of stupid cat people that live in the slums where filthy, stupid cat people belong. She's on a quest to become a super bounty hunter by capturing Ragna The Bloodedge. She's a very fast character with good mixups and batshit insane movement.
Bang Shishigami is THE WORST CHARACTER. He's also one of those super manly love and justice anime hero parody guys. He's a highly mobile character that excels at putting pressure on his opponent.
Hakumen is a mysterious armored figure with a really big sword. His primary goal in life is to purge sins of this world with that really big sword. Also he is an asshole.
v-13 is the robot girl that emerges from the Cauldron. Her purpose is unknown.

The Novus Orbum Librarium (NOL): A military/government organization that seems to be in control of the world and the magic that powers it. Noel Vermillion and Jin Kisaragi are among their ranks. They've put out the highest bounty in history on the man called Ragna The Bloodedge.
Sector Seven: An organization focusing on the advancement of science, opposed to the Library. Kokonoe and Tager are part of this organization, their chief goals have yet to be revealed.
Vigilantes: Another name for bounty hunter.

Ars: Magic, basically. People can employ Ars to perform feats otherwise impossible, such as most of the crazy things you see them doing in this game.
Hierarchical Cities: Elevated cities built to keep humans from coming into too much contact with the Seither that covers the earth.
Seither: An invisible substance that covers the earth. Exposure to a large amount is lethal to humans, which is why they live in Hierarchical Cities. Some specials, such as the Kaka Clan, are immune to those effects.
The Black Beast: A creature that rampaged across the earth and destroyed the majority of the world and mankind roughly 1000 years ago.
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