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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

by Party Bug

Part 1: Beginning



200 to target depth

The Gates of Sheol are opening...Do you really think it'll show?
That's why all of this--all of us are here, isn't it? We can hardly getcold feet now. If this works, the power at our fingertips will faroutstrip any other.The Library will not be at liberty to order us around....Well, that's the higher-ups speaking, not me.To be honest, as a scientist...I just want to see what's on the other side of that gate.
We all do, sir.

100 to target depth. Deploying barrier.
Coefficients are stabilizing. Values within 0.5 deviation from nominal.

It's hard to believe how far we've come...

Target depth reached. Barrier stabilizing.

Now entering phase 42. Releasing barrier section A. Sync rate adjusted to 0.001. Seither exposure levels are at 75,000.

All systems green. All levels within established saftey margins.

...Begin tempering.

Tempering process beginning.

Now, show us...The universal truth... The power of the Azure!

Subject surface solidifying.
Now constructing stasis cocoon for subject 12.

Whoa...this is...Time-space is frozen... A cocoon of time...


What's wrong!?
Tempering is proceeding as planned! The Cauldron appears normal!
Extremely high seithr concentration detected, directly above this facility! 6000, 8000, 12000...


Extremely high seithr concentration detected, directly above us! Concentration levels climbing rapidly! 34,000, 58,000! If they continue to increase at this rate, the seithr concentration is going to reach critical levels!
Is it the Library!? Impossible! Not even the Library... could concentrate this much seithr into one place... There's no way! I want the point of concentration! Now!
Concentration to exceed 100,000!
Agh... After coming this far...! Abort the experiment! Cut all power!

Roger! Cutting all power! S-Sir! We can't cut the power!
What!? What the hell is Sector Seven doing!? Get them online! What the hell are they doing at a time like this!?

Point of concentration determined: Point A-A-1.

...Sir! It's directly above Ikaruga! Altitude 36,000 feet!
Impossible!? It's going into orbit!?

Oh man what was that about, giant space monster lasers and a bunch of words I don't even know, shit's crazy.

The next update, which should be up after I fix my video fuck shortly, will actually feature a coherent story. Welcome to BlazBlue, most of it'll make sense by the end.