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Part 2: Ragna: Story 01

Why...? I don't understand. Why did this happen?
What should I do? What can I do? What could I have done?
The way I am now, I can do...nothing.

Reality finally sets in. The cold, harsh truth.
I had taken my life for granted, and I am powerless to preserve it.

That was when I learned to hate everything.

Yeah. This is the main character. He's not that bad, don't worry.

Is something bothering him, or is he finally starting to grow up?
I hope that's the case.

Our sister's been so sick lately, I haven't been spending as much time with

Oh well, I guess I'll play with 'im when I get home.

With renewed vigor, I jump to my feet and grab my bucket.
Violently swinging it through the river, I fill the pail with fresh water.

All right. Time to head home!

Suddenly, I hear the sound of an explosion.

!? What the--

Again, another explosion.

Are you kidding me!?

I toss the bucket aside and begin to run.

A...A fire!? Haah, haah, haah...the's-- What happened? Is everyone...!?

Let's count how many times we find an awkward third person sentence for no real reason. 1.


Is...Is that Jin? I only see a silhouette. I can't see his face.

...!? Jin, are you OK!? What the hell happened!?


A sick smile escapes my brother's lips.

Huh? Uargh!


OH man, you seem to be in quite a bit of pain there, Raggy! Does it hurt? Does it? Of course, it does. Ahahahahah!

The silhouette of a man slowly comes into view.

Whoa, you're bleeding all over the place. You gonna die? Bite the bigone? Hey, think you're gonna die?
This guy is the best character in the series. Remember him.

...Jin, take Saya and run...

I shove the pain aside long enough to choke out what I think are my last words.

It's... It's all your fault, Brother...

What the hell are you...talking about...?

I wish I had more time to play with you, but I'm afraid I'm out of time. Damn, what a shame! Well, I don't suppose there's any harm in killing that old hag.

...Ah...wait...damn you... Wai...t...

Man, oh man...don't tell me you're gonna kick the bucket already? Heeey, can you hear me? Oh well, I gotta be on my way. I'll need that little brat, though...

Good-bye, Brother...

I still can't stand up. All I can do is stare at the ruins of the church.


Saya's music box is sitting in the middle of the rubble.


It's gone. All of it. Everything important to me is taken by the flames.
My body is useless. All I can do is scream.
So that's what I do...

...until I pass out again.

Damn it... Not this dream again. I wish they'd knock it off already... Hmph.

I lift my right hand off my face and look at it.
It moves just like I want it to...

...Wait. What the hell is she doing here?

You look pale, Ragna. A nightmare, perhaps?

I turn toward the voice. Before me stands a young girl holding a strange umbrella. There are two ribbons holding her hair in place. They make her look like a--

...What do you want, rabbit?
You were groaning in your sleep, so I took pity and woke you, ungrateful beast.
Yeah. You should be thankful the princess is even wasting her time...on a man like you.
You're in her debt!


Ow, that hurt...!
That hurt, Princess!

I don't know if those two things are her friends on her servants, but what I do know is that they're gonna piss me off if they don't get the hell out of here.

A rare strangely appropriate. You sleep where others fear to tread, and you are always very, very entertaining. How perfect.
Shut the hell up! You're more like a rare beast than I'll ever be! Vampire!
BlazBlue vampires can apparently stroll around IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Maybe she's just stocked up on sunblock.
What a cocky little creature you are... Which reminds me... You have a rather handsome bounty on your head, don't you? I wonder how much you're worth right now?
Hey, that isn't funny, rabbit...
Your highness, this dog's barking something...
The weaker they are, the louder they bark.
Shut up. You're nothing but stuffed toys!
If these simpletons can rouse you to anger, you still have much to learn.

Argh, that does it! Now I'm really pissed! I'm gonna make you regret this, Rachel!
Oh, please do try. I would like that very much.

Hey, rabbit! ...You better hope I never see you buttin' into human affairs again.
Words cannot describe my fear.
Losing your temper like a little kid... You need to grow up, boy.
A brat, indeed.
You guys lost, so why are you even talkin'!?

Madam Rachel.
Oh, Valkenhayn. Are you here to collect the bounty on this creature?

What the hell!? It looked like someone sliced open the air, and some old fart in a tux just appeared out of nowhere... Doesn't seem interested in me though, just that damn rabbit...

Of course not, madam. I only wish to humbly inform you that breakfast awaits your Ladyship in the dining hall.
Goodness, breakfast time already?
I would also humbly suggest that you avoid men of the lower classes, such as that filthy creature there...Madam must consider her station.
A man of the higher class could afford a sword with a point at the end.
--the hell'd you say!?
...Go home, kid. The hour is late.

He sure doesn't seem scared of the rabbit, but the glare he threw my way wasn't real friendly...

That's right!
I'd take his advice if I were you...


Princess, that hurt!
Ow, that hurt...!
Valkenhayn, what have you prepared for my breakfast?
I was able to secure a delectable piscine specimen today, which I have taken the liberty of crafting into a poêlé dish. I have also prepared you a vibrant potage, which will be accompanied by your drink, a--
I despise tomato juice.
...I am well aware of that, madam.
Well, good. Nago, Gii, it's high time we left.
It's about damn time. Go home, and never come back!

Oh, but I did enjoy myself a small bit. Shall we meet again some time, Mr. Grim Reaper?
I think you have done quite enough, child. Your births have already placed you worlds apart--I would advise you to maintain the distance.

So they just come here to give me crap and then book it? Screw that! Where the hell did they go anyway? I don't think I coulda followed 'em if I wanted to...

The hell is that guy talking about? Argh, seriously! What a huge waste of time...Nobody here to listen to my bitchin'... Just gets swallowed up by the darkness.
Tch... I don't like this one bit... Still, I guess that fight did give me a chance to blow off a little steam...
...Goddammit! ...Whatever. Being pissed ain't gonna help me right now. Just gotta keep moving. As the fog lifts, I can see my destination in the distance.
So that's the 13th Hierarchical City...Kagutsuchi, huh?

Somehow Ragna ended up in the sewers. He IS a man of the lower class!

I've never been to this one before, but the Hierarchical Cities are all built pretty much the same. I don't think I'll have much trouble findin' my way around.

Well, I guess up's the only way I can go...
Hm?...What's that? Usually the only thing you find on the bottom levels is crap, literally, but I think I just saw a black shadow move across the stairs...
Shit, there it is again...That thing better not be a goddamn ghost... Ghosts are just playing dirty. Can't hit 'em, cut 'em, anything... I really don't have time for a freakin' ghost right now...Doesn't feel like a ghost...but something about it does feel familiar...

Argh. What the hell is wrong with you? You're harnessing power from the Boundary, aren't you?
I sense... pow o Azure fro ou...
...You've completely lost it...
Azure! zure! Az re! want it! must have t! Gehyahyahyah!
Idiot... To turn to power like that...
Tha power! mu possess ! Now!
There's an option to make all of Arakune's text visible, but seriously why would you do that. As a bonus his voice actor sounds like he's having a seizure every time he speaks.
Well, that is inevitable. Though I can sympathize with your appearance...don't get in my way!

Ugh...augh...oogh Az ...! zure...! I nee It...
Sorry, you can't have this. But the least I can do is let you go in peace.

God damn. GOD DAMN. HUGE.

Some chick runs in out of nowhere and throws herself between me and the monster... She's trying to protect that ugly piece of crap?

Huh? Who the hell are you? You're in the way. Move!
I'll take care of this, so please... Don't hurt him!
...This feeling... You have it too, don't you? What the hell is up with this town?
Ugh. Do you have any idea what that guy's done? If you do, then you should know that it's already too late to save him.
I know... I know that... But, there has to be a way...!
Geez, how many of you got involved with the Boundary?

So this is our first decision of the game. In BlazBlue any one choice will send you spiraling off onto a completely different path and ending, and achieving the true ending for any character is usually dependent on the alignment of the planets, the current phase of the moon, complex mathematical equations, and a lot of trial and error. But since I'll be showing you the true ending regardless, feel free to choose whatever you want.

Do we kill squiggly, or do we let him live?

Character Information:

Name: Ragna The Bloodedge
Date of Birth: ???
Blood Type: B
Drive: Soul Eater

Hobbies: Cooking
Values: His silver bracelet
Likes: Meat dishes
Dislikes: Ghosts, the NOL

Ragna's Theme: Rebellion


How would you like to listen to two people get drunk and play every Street Fighter game but not do either of them very well? WELL YOU'RE SURE IN LUCK.