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Part 5: Ragna: Story 04

What happens if you don't use any Distortion Finishes during the standard playthrough. This occurs immediately after defeating Hakumen and the Cauldron video in the previous update.

As usual, I'm going for the "Cauldron". I carefully stepped in... I didn't sense anyone, but...something didn't feel right... Pain...?

What...did you...say?

Uargh! ...What the hell's goin' on? When the hell did you get those...?
Guh! Think you can defeat me with that!?
Who the hell are you?
...Now beginning destruction of target.

Match begins at 4:20. The first time we talk about a CSII matchup and it has to be Noel. In CS2 Noel is broken as shit. She's really good. Her drive moves to insane damage, and the invincibility she gets doing them can trap you during a lot of your moves. This shit sucks for Ragna. Also Ragna's so much easier to play in CT daaaamn.

Anyway, bright side is Ragna has slightly better range. Strategy is to play patient. Don't mash or you lose 5000 health. Inferno Divider is good for getting out of her drives, while Dead Spike and Ragna's standard D can prevent her from going into drive during her recoveries.

Also this matchup has the best dialog.

Gargh!... You bastard!
You can't change anything. Nothing at all.
Damn you, let go of-- Aaahgh! fading...

Stop it... I'm...not...
You bastard! Let go... Let go of my brother! that you...? Stupid...don'

In the end...this one was the same as all the others. They will all be the same. Like an endless dance, A puppet show that goes on forever. Today, the light will shine down again to set fire to their demise. Until we meet again...

System operating within normal limits.
Transmitting all data to "Tamagahara".
The system will now proceed to phase #725.


This is what happens if you use a Distortion Finish in every fight. This occurs after the battle with v13, as seen in the previous update. The battle is skipped and considered an automatic loss.

What...What the hell is this!? What the hell is goin' on!?
Haa ha ha ha!
Who the hell are you!?
You still don't get it, Ragna...? I see... You're just in denial... You don't want to admit it.
What are you saying!?
Then, I'll open your eyes... I'll show you what I am to you...

What the I doing...?
Take a good look with your own the real reason why we were created!

you fuckin kiddin me

The real one will always win, imposter...

The hell is this...? Why am I...? body...won't obey me...

Who goes there!?
Target confirmed...analyzed... Now beginning fusion.
Answer me!
Wh-What are you talkin' about? I'm--
I am Lieutenant Noel Vermillion of the Librarium! I'm placing you under arrest!

Target determined hostile. Now commencing termination process.

Hey, idiot...Run away! ...Wha--!? That girl...Wait a minute, she looks way too similar--

Target in possession of unknown weapons...increasing threat level from three to seven. Murakumo unit activated... Blood-scythe deployed. Functioning...awaiting target's capture.

Quit screwing around! Hey, can't you hear me!? Run away already!

Eek! What...What the hell are you!?

Now terminating target.


One more move, and I'll shoot! This is your last warning! Stop or I'll fire! What...What's going on? How are you still standing!? Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! Please...! Go down already!

Her attacks don't even faze me. I rip the guns out of her hand and crush them.

Bolverk...! way...
Target's threat level decreased. You monster!

The girl is trembling in fear, but against my will, I reach out with my right hand and grab her neck.


No! Let go of me! Right now! Eek! Huh? Ah...P...Please...let me go... Please...I beg you... Guh!

I hear the girl cry in pain. The next thing I know, I'm squeezing her neck even harder than before.

Classy shot there, BlazBlue.

Ow... Ah... Someone...please... me...!

No...! Stop! Stop it! Please stop! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!


So, that's that. Probably still doesn't make sense, right? Well, next update will be an intermission of sorts, and then I'll let the thread pick which character we do next. I'll provide summaries for characters we haven't seen, so you can make an educated choice.

Things we know about Ragna the Bloodedge:

Ragna has a brother (Jin Kisaragi) and one sister, all of whom were raised in a church. Said church was burnt down, said sister was murdered, and said brother cut Ragna's arm off and left him to die when they were children. Apparently he got his arm back and now possess something called the Azure Grimoire, which contains the power to destroy the world. He also knows a vampire, Rachel Alucard, but their relationship is not fully explained.

At present Ragna is a world-renowned criminal and opponent of the NOL, the organization that seems to be mostly in control of the world as a whole. Why he hates them so much isn't confirmed, but he's destroyed their base of operations on two separate hierarchical cities before the events of this game take place. Presumably he does so to access the Cauldron and destroy something called the Murakumo unit inside of it.

At the end of his story he's defeated by the latest Murakumo unit, Nu, and gets dragged into the Cauldron.

Ragna fulfills the anime stereotypes of:

- Red guy
- Stupid sword
- Stupid hair
- Stupid as shit protagonist
- man i don't watch anime i don't know