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Part 7: Tager: Story 01

Ripped as hell? Permanent fistpump? Cool shades? Yeah, Tager's the best character.

This is Tager. I've arrived at the destination.

I call in, and a voice distorted by static squawks at me from the communicator in my hand.

How does it look? Like a nice, orderly pile of crap?
I'm getting close to the slums... I don't expect public order to be maintained.
What makes you think there'd be any public order around there in the first place? The library doesn't give a damn about those people.
But I see a lot of undeveloped areas. I thought this place was scheduled to undergo massive development.
Hmph. Well, plans change. Has to do with the Ikaruga conflict, I'll bet. This city is a victim of Sector Seven's selfishness.

Something about the way she said "victim" made me think Kokonoe blamed Sector Seven for what was going on here. Even if she does work for them, she rarely gets along with her superiors, and she's not one to censor herself. How a person like her could possess the world's greatest scientific mind...I sometimes worry what will come of it.
Kokonoe is Dr. Frankenstein, but with cat ears.

Thinking bad thoughts, Tager? Heh heh. We're watching everything you do and everything you think, remember?
No, it's nothing. The three assets under Ikaruga control...I thought one of them was brought over here.
I'm sure the princess is dreaming deep in her iron pot right now. The guy they're calling the Grim Reaper... Ragna the Bloodedge? Word is he's showed up in Kagutsuchi.
I see. So, Hakumen came here for Ragna the Bloodedge, huh?
How the hell would I know? I could care less why he was there. I just wish he'd stop poking his nose where it doesn't belong. Guess that's too much to ask, though.

Even the hero of the Great War is nothing more than a sample to Kokonoe, huh? I wonder how many scientists lose sight of their humanity in pursuit of their goals?
Literally all of them.

Your mental activity spiked again. Stay focused here.
My neural waves should be within normal ranges. Stop worrying.
I'll stop complaining when you stop wasting time and get your shit together.
Roger that. Reassessing mission priorities. Primary objective: Retrieve Hakumen. Secondary objective: Obtain the Azure Grimoire, only if the circumstance deem it possible.
Yeah, you got it. Worst case scenario, you can ditch the grimoire. I'd like to have a look at it someday, but it's not a mission critical.

The Azure Grimoire. It's one of the strongest grimoires we know of. Even the top brass at Sector Seven are interested in it.

Aren't you a little too indifferent about the mighty "Azure"? I thought it was something that scientists like you were desperate to get...
Mighty? That thing? Sometimes I think you're too stupid to live, Tager. Try the "weakest".
...The weakest? That's odd. There's no such information in my database.
Well if you don't get it now, you're never going to. I'm not gonna waste my time explaining it.
Roger that. Next... Place the thirteen objects necessary for Hakumen's retrieval in their designated positions.
One slip-up, and you'll blow the whole thing, meathead; so watch yourself, or I'll make you look like one of those comic-book characters.

I...happen to like my body. I think I'll pass on the superhero look...

I won't make any mistakes, so there's no need for you to worry. By the way, ther's one thing that I want to make sure.
The equipment utilizes Armagus. I understand it's not against the beliefs of Sector Seven to use magic, but our purpose is to banish it... Will there be any issues?
The enemy is...hmph. All the Library knows how to do is Ars Magus. So what better way to fight them than with their own medicine...? I didn't have a lot of time to set up this trap, so I took a shortcut and used an Ars or two to exact my revenge.
Understood. "Fight fire with fire", eh? Still, is it really possible to artificially create a time-space warp...? Even with the use of an Armagus?
You really think I'd send you to do something that was impossible? All you've gotta do is make sure the trap works. It's just a matter of controlling imaginary number space anyway...besides, I'll use my Private this time. That should take care of any problems.
You won't live long trying to uncover a lady's secrets. All you need to know is that there's nothing for you to worry your tiny little head about.

If I try and pry any further, I'm going to end up in the scrap heap. I'd better just leave it alone...

Understood. There's one more thing I'd like to confirm. I heard that -she- is in the city--Litchi.
Litchi? So that lame-ass excuse for an apprentice is here too, huh? Well, if you have any spare time while you're there, confirm--
Kokonoe. Hey, Kokonoe. Disconnected...all this technology, and we still have dead zones...Oh, well. I guess I'll have to act at my own discretion as far as Litchi is concerned. TR-0009 Tager, commencing mission.
I guess this is the last in this area...

I'd just finished setting up when I heard her voice...

Hey you, big man, what are you doing?
Hm? Do you need anything from me, little girl? It's dangerous. I suggest you stay away from here.
Hmm? Are you hiding something yummy?
Tao is is...not the sharpest tool in the shed.

There's something that looks like a thick rope waving behind her... Ah. It's a
tail. Then that must mean she's from the Kaka clan that lives in the Lost Town
underneath Kagutsuchi.

So, what are you doing, big man?
I don't think this body is well-suited for covert operations...Kokonoe.

Oh, I know! You hid something tasty there! Give some to Tao, meow!
What are you talking about? I'm neither a dog nor a cat. Do you think I would hide food in a place like this?
Then, you won't mind me checking myself!? I wouldn't believe you otherwise, meow!

If this child touches the device, I calculate unacceptable odds in favor of its destruction. Perhaps the use of force to dissuade her is unavoidable...

If you continue to impede my progress, I will have to decommission you.
Oh! So you were a bad guy! I'm gonna have to beat you up!
Yeah, that seems like a good idea. Did I mention Tao is dumb?
H-Hey, are you serious!?

Bad. Tao is going to spend most of this match staying just out of reach and jumping around like a retard to mix Tager up, because there's not a lot Tager can do about it.

Tager's anti-airs are just too slow to deal with Tao, who has three jumps and can bait out whatever anti-air Tager throws. You need to be really careful about when you try to knock Tao out of the air. Remember how I said you better be good at blocking? This is one of those instances. Avoid throwing out Tager's slowest moves (5C, 6A 6A IS BAD ) if you can help it, Tao's just too fast.

I played this matchup last night again a real live person. It reminded me why I don't seriously play Tager. On the bright side, sources indicate that CSEX Tager is really good? MIND BLOWN.

Meow... You sure are strong...
I suggest you let your head do the thinking, not your stomach. Now go home.
I've lost precious time... I need to get to the next setup location as soon as possible.


Next up is something insane.

Learn about REAL SOVIET DAMAGE as Mike Z explains how to play Calamity Trigger Tager. He covers a few things I forgot, like Sledgehammer going through Jin and Noel's drives.

Also it owns.