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Part 9: Tager: Story 03

Okay, let's do it right this time. Continuing from defeating Bang with a normal finish.

H-How could this be...? How can justice fall before the might of evil...?
I already told you that I'm not evil. He's unconscious. He should be fine, even if I leave him alone here. I've wasted too much time... I need to hurry to the next waypoint.

The scenery's changed again...I guess this must be Orient Town. Feels so healthy and happy...

So, this is Orient Town... It's got such energy and a thick lived-in feel to it. This place isn't bad at all. All right, I guess I'll go find the setup coordinates--

As I scan the area, a woman catches my eye. The computer piggybacking on my brain recognizes her immediately.

It's Litchi... She was Kokonoe's assistant before she ran away from Sector Seven.

T-Tager...!? You don't come here to bring me back, did you?

That's right. Perhaps I should take her back... I should call Kokonoe.

...Mm!? The signal's giving out...I guess I'll have to call the shots.
Giving a cellphone to the man made out of magnets was maybe not the best idea.

If we wanted to bring you back, we could've done so. You should thank Kokonoe. She's the reason no one pursued you after you decided to go A.W.O.L.
...So you're telling me to go back on my own. Is that it?
Right. If you've realized how selfish you've been, then return to the Sector. Kokonoe will save you from being court marshaled.
...I refuse. I can't go back right now. I haven't found him yet.
...Is that so? Still, I will have to report to Kokonoe that I found you here. That's my mission...
I understand that you have your mission, but I can't let you do that now!

You were the last person I wanted to cross fists with...but, very well... Whenever you're ready.


So the first portion of the video is Tager's Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is a feature in Continuum Shift that exists basically to teach you your character's specials, and 2-3 bread and butter combos you can build off of, and give you an idea of what you can link your attacks into. It'll usually have 1-2 other combos that are stupid and impractical but look cool.

Tager's combos are ridiculously easy so I can do them all, this may not always be the case. Also, Tager's Challenge #9 is broken and can't be done since magnetism will never work in it. Way to go ASW.

...I... I can't...go back yet...
I'm sorry, Litchi...

Shame on you, son. It ain't right ta hit a lady like that.
get out of here with that fuckin' fist that's as big as I am.
This are...Jubei!?

You know who I am, son. Back off, 'less you think you're a match for me.

Jubei. The strongest living creature in the world, and one of the legendary Six Heroes. The rumors say he could take on an entire army division by himself.

...I appreciate the opportunity, but I'm gonna have to pass.
Litchi's gone and fainted. Poor girl couldn't take the stress.
I didn't think anyone could stop my fists... Not even one of the Six Heroes...
No anger behind those fists. Ain't hard to stop a fella what don't wanna hurt ya, but I can't abide you layin' a hand on the lady here.
I didn't mean to hurt her. I just needed to determined she was.
On a scale of 1 to 10, Litchi's determination is a 'willing to get body-slammed from outer space'.
Determined, huh...?

Jubei stares at me with the piercing eyes of a cat. His stare reminds me of Kokonoe.
That's because that's literally what he is, Tager. Party Bug typed with the dexterous fingers of a human being.

I reckon you're tellin' the truth.
You leave her ta me, son, and get yourself wherever it is you need to go. If she comes to while you're here, things're bound ta get messy.

Thanks. I owe you one.

...Should I tell Kokonoe I encountered Jubei?

...No, I asked her about him once before... She was in a bad mood for a week. Perhaps I should keep this to myself...

His eyes, though...they're so similar...

Hah, that's absurd. ...I shouldn't dig too deep. Besides, it's not a very good idea to put Kokonoe in a bad mood.

This used to be a link to the SA Continuum Shift Extend thread. That no longer exists.

MOTOR HEAD, Tager's theme. I would have posted it sooner but it's not that great honestly.