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Part 14: Tao: Story 02

Tao's not gonna do something 'cuz I was told to...Heheheh, I'm just gonna head for wherever I feel...

The children were panicking, but Taokaka ignored them...

Meow, meow, meow. --Huh?


Mya-meow! Ouch! I thought my butt was gonna split four ways, meow! Huh? Where am I?
This act is more colloquially referred to as a 'Dirty Shamrock'. Not to be confused with the popular the Irish racial slur.

Taokaka spun around, alert and ready for action. In the darkness she could make
out the shape of a person...

I finally found you... I've been looking for you for two years.
This voice... It must be boobie lady's. Who's she talking to?

"Boobie lady" was Taokaka's name for a doctor known as Litchi, who lived in Orient Town. She visited the Kaka clan frequently to check up on them and teach the children. Everyone there loved her. The shadowy person in front of Taokaka had to be Litchi...

There was a drab creature standing in front of Litchi. It took a few steps back, and Taokaka recognized it. She didn't know it was called Arakune, but she recognized it well enough.

The black squiggly! Are you trying to attack boobie lady!?

Tao!? Why are you here!?
That doesn't matter, neow! You gotta get out of here, boobie lady! That is the evil thing that once attacked my village! Tao will get rid of him once and for all!
That's all right, Tao, just leave it to me. You gotta get out of here n--

Don't in ru . Mo ou way.

Litchi's back was turned, and Arakune took the opening. Before Taokaka could react, he slammed into Litchi, throwing her against the wall with a sickening thud.


Litchi gave the gruesome creature that attacked her one last pained look before she fainted. Oblivious, Arakune lumbered toward Taokaka.
Oh my god it's like you exist just to pass out in evocative positions.

You! What have you done to boobie lady! That's enough! I'll beat you to a pulp, neow!
Kpft Kpwukuk t's mposs you, rep t prev s age. Do 't make laugh.
What the-!? Are you trying to eat Tao!? I don't think so! Tao is the one who'll eat you look yucky!

Ask me anything about Tao and I'll probably tell you I don't know. There's probably going to be a lot of theory fighting going on during this part of the LP. Tao is one of the harder characters to play, she's got some pretty quick and precise movements, and not a whole lot of reward for learning. Besides playing Tao, which I guess nets you an advantage in unpredictability.

Arakune VS Tao, not shown, is a pretty weird match. Tao can fly around and harass him in the air, where he likes to be. Tao can apply lots of pressure and there's not a lot Arakune can do unless he gets curse bugs. Once his curse starts it's pretty bad for Tao.

Tao won! Who's laughing neow, black squiggly!? Let's see what you taste like.
Hmm... You actually don't look tasty at all! I might get a stomachache from eating nyew. I...probably shouldn't eat you. Now, squiggly...! Because Tao is such a sweet Kaka, I'll let you go for neow. If you don't want to get hurt again, you'd better stay away from the Kaka!
No you have to eat the heart, damn it.

Arakune turned and ran, and not a moment too soon... The fight had taken a lot out of her, and she was starting to lose consciousness, but at least she'd gotten rid of the danger...

Meow, meow. One less thing to worry about neow. Oh, that's right! Is boobie lady all right!? Boobie lady! Boobie ladyyy!

Taokaka ran to Litchi's side and tried to shake her awake. Her eyes fluttered open...

Ta...o...? I...agh... Did he...?
I got rid of the black squiggly, meow! You don't need to worry about it anymore, boobie lady!
God rid of-- I-Is he--
He disappeared, meow. You told me not to hurt people before. So, I let him go. Wasn't I good?
Disappeared... Thank God... You did really well, Tao. Good girl.

Litchi stroked Taokaka's head, and she purred.

Meow! Let's go home neow, boobie lady! Just follow meow!
You know a shortcut?
Leave it to me. It'll only take a second for Tao to return to the village.

Taokaka had already forgotten that she'd fallen down to the lower levels through a hole in the village...but she'd never been the type to think before she acted anyway...

Not knowing what danger might await them, Taokaka and Litchi headed deeper into the dark, abandoned lower levels of Kagutsuchi.

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Tao's theme, Catus Carnival. It also is pretty average.