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Part 17: Tao: Story 05

Taokaka leapt through the restaurant window, throwing caution to the wind.

Meow, meow, meow!

Gah! Wh-What the hell!?
Hahaha, meow. Be quiet, and just be my flesh and blood, meow!
Whaa? Me? Hey, what the hell are you doing!?
Thanks for the delicious meal, meow!

Dammit... Can't I have a meal in peace? Tch, you're not really givin' me a choice... Whenever you're ready!

This video is bad. On the bright side I won matches as Tao against real people, how did that even happen.

Also Ragna VS Tao. Really dependent on Tao getting in close, neutral game is important. Ragna has a pretty good anti-air and better range. Tao's best bet is to bait and run in when there's an opening.

Tao won, meow! I'll take that meat as my prize!
What...? Are you that hungry?
Main character right here folks.
Whoa, are you a psychic or something, white guy?
Your whole body is screaming "I'm hungry!" You could've just asked... I would've let you have a bite.
Let her have a bite of your you meat AM I RIGHT? AM I RIGHT? Come on somebody had to.
R-Really, white guy!?

Yeah, really, so let go of me. And don't drool on me! Listen. Just have a seat right there. The meat ain't going anywhere.
Meow! Meat, meat, meat.

Taokaka pulled a plate out of nowhere...

Why are you so well prepared?

Ragna, half-impressed, reached for some meat himself.

Tao tends to forget a lot of things, but I don't think I'll ever forget your kindness!

That was the moment that Ragna shot to the top of Taokaka's list of Good People.

I don't need your thanks. Just go already if you're done!
I can't go home yet. Tao still has a mission to fulfill.
Mission, huh? Well, ain't that somethin'. Good luck with that.
Thanks, meow! In order to fulfill my mission, I need food! Food, meow!

Steam rises from the steak on the plate. The savory smell of meat fills theair. All Taokaka can see is the meat....the hot grease...the delicious juiciness.

I'm diving in neow!

She'd waited so long for meat like this...Taokaka opened her mouth as wide as she could, drool dripping from her lips, when suddenly, a black shadow flew out of nowhere...

Meow, meow, meow!? You come back here, stupid crow!?
Oh well...? It's all gone now... I'd just forget about it if I were you...
You gotta be kidding me, meow!? Food-related grudges are scary, meow! Tao's...Tao's meat! I'll get it back at any cost, meow!
80% of meat related grudges end in fatalities. 20% end in the mad cow.

Taokaka took off at full speed after the feathered thief, yelling at the top of her lungs.

You come back heeeeeeeeeere!
...She certainly was a rowdy one. Well, she's none of my business, anyway.

Meow... I lost the meat thief, meow... I'm so hungry, I don't know what to do...

Taokaka walked down the street, dejected. It wasn't long before she found herself in a strange part of the city she'd never seen before.

Huh? I wonder where I am, meow? It's so mysterious.

Taokaka was standing in a garden filled with vibrant red roses. She hadn't even noticed until then that the sun had disappeared from the sky to be replaced by a bluish full moon sitting quietly in the sky.

It's so quiet, meow. It's so quiet that I'm getting sleepy...

A simple, elegant castle stood in front of her, illuminated by the cold moonlight. Taokaka curled up in the center of the garden... The moonlight had made her...So...sleepy...


Yeeeooow! Wh-Who just stomped on Tao's tail!?
Eh? Oh. What a pathetic stray.

She was a beautiful, pale girl holding a large umbrella. Floating next to her was a fat lump of a creature that contrasted poorly with the girl's pretty looks.

Meow... My tail is still throbbing, meow. Tao's tail is fragile and sensitive!? You apologize neow!
Me!? You expect -me- to apologize? Nago! Gii! Rid me of this...this pest!
Ohmigosh! Seriously. You picked the wrong mansion to trespass... If you leave any stink around here, I'll turn you to roadkill! Now, shoo! Shoo!
Umm... Why were you asleep here...little kitty? That's strange... This place isn't supposed to be so easily accessible...
Ah... Oh, I know! I was chasing the meat thief, meow.
Gii! Cease the idleness immediately! I have instructed you to dispose of this pest! Do so, or there will be consequences!

Time to pretend like I care about the story for a second. When I first played this game and its sequel I was pretty ambivalent about Ragna. Now I kind of like him. I mean, when he's not angry about everything he's a pretty chill guy. That and he doesn't cry about his problems all the time.

Also someone tell me why cats say nyan in Japanese. NYAN IS NOT A SOUND CATS MAKE YOU'RE WRONG.