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Part 19: Tao: Story 07

Meoow...? Is that meat over there...?

Her hunger was so intense that Taokaka was beginning to hallucinate. Specifically, she began to see Bang's stomach as a massive, juicy steak.

Wh-What's the matter? Why are you wobbling closer to me? Are you OK!?
This steak is talking... But that's nyot gonna stop me!

She sank her teeth into his stomach.

What a feisty steak! Give up and get in mah belly!

Argh! AARGH! No! Stop that! I saved your life! This is how you repay me!? I'll have to give you a Bang Shishi-Spankin' if you keep this up!

Continuum Shift introduced Beginner Mode, later dubbed Stylish Mode. You pick it while you select a character, and the game will auto-combo for you while you mash one button a whole lot of times. It usually makes you even worse than you usually would be, as seen above.

Also Bang VS Tao, I don't even know. I've heard that Tao's good in this match because she can run away from nails, bumpers, and Bang's drives are pretty useless against her. Makes sense to me!

Damn it, that wasn't a steak... I'm disappointed. I'm too hungry to go on, meow.
You poor're starving to death! I'll be sure to take you home, so tell me your name and address.
Tao is Taokaka-mew. I came from over there.
Hope you didn't think that choice you made mattered!
Taokaka-meow, huh? That's an unusual name...but, uh...what do you mean by "over there"? Could you point in that direction?
No, mew! Tao is Taokaka, mew!
"Taokaka... meow"? Ah...I see, so your name is "Taokaka". Anyway, I still don't know what you mean by "over there"? Could you be a little more specific?
Over there.

Each part of Taokaka pointed a different direction. The man didn't seem to understand.

Aaargh! I don't get it! Hmm...I still have no idea which direction you came am I supposed to take you home...?
I'm too hungry to stay on my feet, meow...
Hey, are you all right?
No, I'm not nyot OK... I'm starving to death... Good-bye, scruffy man...
I had no idea. You were a homeless child who couldn't even afford tonight's dinner... I would be more than happy to take you as an'll be able to eat as much as you want.
Are you serious, neow!?

Taokaka leapt to her feet, any weakness forgotten at the prospect of food. Bang smiled.

If you give me food, I will! I'll become your apprentice, right neow!
Then, follow me! I'll introduce you to my henchmen.
Yes, master!

The sun shone on Ronin-gai, warm and relaxing, and a soft breeze ruffled Taokaka's hood as she slept in the sun. She didn't even notice Bang arrived.

Taokaka! Let's go on a patrol to maintain peace in this town! Follow me!
Nyoh way, Tao is going to take a nap, meow. *yawn*
How dare she! This capricious behavior is truly characteristic of only cats.

Taokaka's life as Bang's apprentice was pretty comfy; she didn't listen to him at all and spent most of her time sleeping or eating. He was beginning to get irritated with her refusal to wake up when two of his men appeared.

Boss, have you seen Tao?
It's almost lunch, so I brought some rice balls.
Rice ball!? I want it, I want it, I want it, neow! What's in it, though? I hope it's salmon!
...You have absolutely no control when it comes to food. You truly are...a difficult apprentice.
Yeah, right. You're so full of it, boss.
He's right. You spoil Tao the most, master.
Wh-What are you talking about? I couldn't possibly be more strict!
...But, boss, that wrapping cloth is...

The man glanced down at the sack Bang was holding.

It's filled with meat burns, sausages, etc... Those are Taokaka's favorites. You're being a total doting father, master.
Ah, well. You know... My favorite food happens to be the same as Tao's. It's not a big deal.
All right neow, let's all have a meal together! If you want, I can go on patrol after the meal!
All right! How about some food! You guys may indulge yourselves, too.
Thank you, boss!
Thank you, master!
It's my treat, meow!
Hahahaha. Whatever am I going to do with you?

He was skilled at many things, but Bang Shishigami was a poor liar. Despite his chiding, his eyes were those of a loving father.

Whether or not Taokaka grew up to be a great ninja of Ikaruga is a story for another time...

A time that is RIGHT NOW

Under Bang's supervision, Taokaka grew up to be an excellent ninja. Those days were calm and peaceful.

Boss, you gotta get out of here!
The enemy is closing in on us--argh!

Damn it! Run, Tao! I'll take care of this! This is good-bye. Those days I got to spend with you...they weren't bad...
No! Tao will stay here and fight, too! Maasteeeer!

Bang left Taokaka behind and disappeared into the flames. Once again, the Ikaruga have lost their place within Kagutsuchi. And Bang never came back...

Though master was so scruffy...he was still a good person! Tao will avenge you, master!

Taokaka runs, to go save the citizens of Ikaruga... And to avenge Bang.

Who the hell are you? A little stray like you trying to stand up against ME!?

The encounter of a long-time rival... And the real enemy who no one foresaw.

Oh, long time no see, Tao.
I-It can't be! Boobie lady-!

A small girl from the Kaka village torn apart by cruel fate... Her trials are far from over! Uncover the dark conspiracies of Kagutsuchi, and bring peace back to this world, Taokaka!

Tao... Tao can't lose no matter what... For the sake of those who have fallen! Check this out, neow! The super move that Master taught me! For the sake of justice, love, and sorrow: SUPER MODE!

The most anticipated ninja action movie of the year... "Bang Shishigami Ninpo, Ninja Scrolls Gaiden: The revenge of Tao!" A stunning tale of LOVE and... JUSTICE... Coming to all hierarchical-city theaters this summer!

..................OK, that's a lie.
Thank god.

I think there might be one more thing in this story to show. Maybe. So I'll try to barrel through it so we can move on. If it turns out there isn't then there will be an intermission next.