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Part 22: Bang: Story 01

Let's get this over with. At least it starts more or less sane.

"Extermination order has been declared. All members, lead!"

The man leading them raises his arm, and the soldiers activate their infernal weapons. They're going to burn those innocent civilians to death!

Not gonna happen!

My men and I leap at them with a chorus of righteous yells.

They don't even have a chance to cry for help before we knock them flat. It's almost too easy.

I turn and give the civilians a heroic smile.

That's correct. There's nothing to worry about now.

I tell my men to tie up the Library soldiers and leave them there. No matter how evil their actions may have been, killing is never justified. The crime is to blame, not the men who commit it.

I abide by my master's teachings... There will be no killings tonight.

Take every single survivor, and lead them to safety!

At my command, my men break off into small groups to lead the civilians to safety.

It looks like there are only about thirty civilians here. I can't believe these are the only survivors left in this area... A scowl crosses my face.

Unarmed puppy dogs and children! Kill them all! GUYS THESE ARE THE BAD PEOPLE DID YOU CATCH THAT?

Like ants coverging on a dying insect, more soldiers pour out of streets and alleys.

Boss! Let us take care of things here!

One of my men leaps forward and moves as if to attack the Library dogs. I step in front of him.

No, this is my duty. You guys escape with the other villagers.
No, you have to escape first, boss! The people need you more than they need us...

It warms my heart to hear them say that, but this is no time for sentiment.

It doesn't matter who they need! You are all people of this country. And it is -my- duty to see that the people survive. Leave this place to me, and go help the others!
Boss Bang!

The men from the Library are getting closer.

He knows I'm right, but it's hard to accept.
I Know how he feels, but if we're to survive this...we must be strong.

So...we are the country...
All it one person to keep a country alive.
Let's go. We gotta protect the people.

I can tell from the determination on their faces that I don't need to worry about them anymore.

We'll protect these civilians! Sir...please be safe.
Hmph! I don't need you to worry about me. Who do you think I am? I'm the Ikaruga ninja who fights in the name of love and justice, Bang Shishigami! If you have time to worry about me, go save the people first.

I turn and launch myself at the Library soldiers.

I catch them by surprise, but the man I hit has time to fire off an Ars Armagus. Some sort of...thing almost akin to arrows rains down on me.

Hah! What are you firing? Toothpicks?

They look at me like I'm some sort of demon. Very well. If a demon is what's needed to protect the innocent, then a demon I'll be.

These men are only dogs following the orders of their master. They are no match for me. With a single move, I take out almost a dozen of them.


You bastards burned down my village...but I will not take your lives. Now, get out of my sight...before I change my mind.

As the Library soldiers begin to drag their broken and battered bodies away, I look past them to the burning castle. As I watch, a part of the castle explodes, and shivers run down my spine. Could...Could my master still be in the tower?

There was no time to waste. I took off toward the castle like a gust of wind. Before long I was near the moat. Only a few guards were left.

Lord! Where are you, lord!?

I throw open the door and leap into the only room on the top floor. The moment I enter, I feel a cold, vicious presence. I instinctively hop to the side as a bolt of blue and white rips through the air. What is this...? Ice? I stare, dumbfounded, at the cluster of crystals sprouting from where I just was. How is this possible? What is ice doing in a room enveloped in flames? this...?

A young man is standing next to my master. His face is as blank and cold as this room.

My lord! Are you all right? My lord! My lord! You bastard!

The boy turns to look at me. His eyes are like twin shards of blue ice.

Just shut up...

One of his hands is suddenly a blur of motions. I don't realize he's swung his sword until I feel the pain swear its way across my face and find myself frozen in a block of ice.

I expected a lot more from you. How foolish of me.

I can't move. I can feel my mind starting to fade as the boy walks out of the room. He gives me one last cold look before he leaves. I swear...I'll never forget his long as I live.

It's been a few years since we moved to Kagutsuchi. But, the people have adapted quite nicely. Though this town has been given the name Ronin-gai, it is still like a second home to myself...and all of the villagers of Ikaruga. That is why I swear to protect it with my life.
What are you doing there, Boss Bang?
I've finally got it, boss! The new wanted list!

Two of my men are back from an errand I'd sent them on. I can hear them calling me from the bridge below.

Is that right!? I'll be right there! Toh!

I'm more than thirty feet above the bridge. It's an impossible leap for most men. But Bang Shishigami is not most men! To a master of Ikaruga-style ninjutsu such as myself, a leap like this is as easy as taking a step.

Wh-Where did that gust...come from...?


Boss! Are you OK?
Is that a new technique? To fall on your face... Sir?
I call it: Fat Kid On Youtube Jutsu
Alternate Joke: I call it: Fidel Castro Jutsu

I pull my head free of the bridge and use the moment to execute a perfect backflip. My face hurts pretty badly, but to a ninja, pain is a state of mind. I can hardly call myself a man of Ikaruga if I allow myself to shed tears over a simple flesh wound such as this!

...I really did think I was going to die there for a minute, though...maybe I should just keep that to myself...

Hah! That was my new technique! I pretend to fall on my face to catch my opponents off guard!
I gotta hand it to you, boss! You are an expert on turning anything around.
Looking sharp there, boss!

I take a look at the wanted poster they've brought me.
There's a man on it with white hair and an attitude. He's pretty handsome, but
he's nowhere near as manly as me.

Ragna the Bloo--Wha--Arg, it's hard to say. Blood. Edge. Let's see...The SS-class bounty commonly known as the "Grim Reaper"...

Whoa! Largest bounty in NOL history? An impressive stand up against the Librarium all alone... But I cannot overlook the trouble he causes...very well! His bounty...I will use it to rebuild Ikaruga!
Be safe, boss!

Of course! I shall return with good news!

To protect the peace of Kagutsuchi and recover Ikaruga, I run.

Wait for me, villain, "Ragna the Bloodedge"! The guardian of love and justice, Bang Shishigami will bring you down!

...That's what it seems like. This is quite a serious matter...
...I see...that can't be ignored...

Huh? That must be Litchi over there, but... Who's the man next to her?

Could--Could he be her boyfriend? I can't hear what they're talking about from here. No! This is what they call "eavesdropping"! It's a despicable act and an affront to justice...but I can't take my mind off of my beloved Miss Litchi! Please, gods of justice, forgive me for trying so hard to overhear their conversation!

I'll continue my research. You be careful, too.
Wait, Litchi. That's too dangerous.
I'll be fine. Quit worrying about me. I'll see you later.

You there! I can't stand here and let you talk to Miss Litchi like that!
...And, who might you be?
Hah! It is only polite to tell your name before asking others... but I will say it only once... I suggest you pay attention! I'm Bang Shishigami! The loyal ninja who fights for love and justice! The strongest vigilante in all of Kagutsuchi!
Aren't you a little too enthusiastic? So, what does a ninja like you want from me?
"Wh-Wh-Wh-What do you want from me?" Don't play dumb. I know that you're trying to convince Miss Litchi to join a cult or something!
This is hardly a conversation. What were you saying about Litchi?

Guaaaah! That's -Miss- Litchi to you! I can't stand it anymore. I'll set you straight!

Fuck Bang.

Thing I forgot to mention: Steel Rain takes up all your nails.

Ugh...that' you.
I suppose I was a little too harsh, but Litchi--
No seriously, the voice actor actually says this line.
I-I understand how strongly you feel about...Miss Litchi. Which is exactly why I'd like to ask you to look after her. M-Miss Litchi is heading for Area 28--the abandoned underground facility. I'm worried about her, but there is other business I must tend to...
Please strange shirtless man that just attacked me, go and stalk this woman with my blessing!

You're gonna leave Miss Litchi to me? So you were a good person, after all... And a good judge of character, too, I might add...I'm not a man so cold-hearted as to turn down a request. Miss Litchi will be safe with me! I promise. Nothing to worry about...
Ahahahaha! I must apologize for acting so rashly earlier...consider that a good lesson to you. Oh, and I won't ask you to pay for it...that one's on the house. I'll see you around, hahahahahaha!

He's finally out of my sight... He just couldn't take "no" for an answer... nonetheless, he was an honest man. With his passion, maybe he could her. Well, that might be an overstatement...

Bang's theme, Gale. I guess it's not that offensive.