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Part 23: Bang: Story 02

...I have lost track of Miss Litchi.
Did that cyborg guy trick me? No, no, he acknowledged me as a true man. The direction should be correct. Miss Litchi and I are connected with the powerful bond of fate.
I know that our paths will cross again...even if I can't see her now. This must be a challenge to test our love. Aaaaaaaaaah, Miss Litchi! I'll be right thereeeeeeeeee!
Shut up, old man! Stop screaming in my ear, will ya!? You're ruining my appetite!

How dare you call me an old man! Identify yourself! Huh!? That white hair--that stupid-ass face... You must be the super-villain, Ragna the Bloodedge!
What did you say!?
I'm the vigilante who will bring justice. And mark my words... you will not escape the iron grip of the law!

...Tch. Did you say you're a vigilante? I guess I have no choice then. Whenever you're ready, man. I'll crush you.
I -am- the trustworthy ninja, Bang Shishigami! Now, let's settle this fair and square!

Bang VS Ragna is actually a pretty even match, Ragna having probably a small advantage. I don't demonstrate it too well, but as I mentioned before, Bang's pressure is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, Ragna has better reach in general. It comes down to how good Bang is at approaching from the ground, and good use of D nails. Ragna's also got an option to Inferno Divider out of some of Bang's slower moves.

Notice now hard I abuse poison nail during this whole fight. This is because Ragna has terrible health to begin with, so it's especially good again characters like him. Also notice how I'm bad at D nails and how hard it was to get in his guard.

I've finally caught the notorious super-villain, Ragna--eh, skip the rest! The residents of Kagutsuchi can now sleep in peace! I am now one step closer to the reconstruction of Ikaruga! I feel like I could just fly to my dear Miss Litchi! I am...the wind! A love-storm! Passion with legs! To my beloved!

...He's finally gone. Seriously, it's exhausting to deal with an idiot like that. Geez. It's never easy pretending to lose.

Four days just for that. Skullgirls is coming out next week, expect me to play that until I inevitably decide I hate it.


Bang concept art. Look at how cool Bang could have been.