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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

by Party Bug

Part 24: Bang: Story 03

Oh! That must be my beautiful Miss Litchi over there! Huh!? Do I see an odd-looking figure standing by her!? Wait a minute!? Is Miss Litchi about to be attacked by that monster!? A damsel in distress! I must come to her rescue!
I know what you're thinking: Thank god, we finally got to the tentacle scene!
Rescue me? From what?

From that monster right there, of course! Miss Litchi, please leave it to me here, and escape now!
Escape...? I'm sorry. I need to talk to him, so please don't interrupt us.

M-Miss Litchi... You would choose that squiggly over me...? O-Oh, I got it... Miss Litchi, you must be haunted by that black squiggly thing-ey! I shall release you from that curse!
I'm quite all right. Please leave him to--
Yuck, what a despicable beast! You must be controlling Miss Litchi's mind...Trying to satisfy your "desires" by manipulating others, eh...? Well, not on my watch!

Fucking there's so much shit on the screen oh my god shit hell god. I'm not as familiar with this match, but I have played a few Bangs when I was messing with Arakune. He has a hard time getting in, but D nails are pretty helpful. As usual with an Arakune match, once you get in you're pretty good. Once you get cursed you tend to lose. Go in with nails, try to stay in the air, don't run into the bell bug by mistake.

I dropped all my combos because I haven't been playing or my D-Pad is failing, pick one of the two because it can't be that I'm not amazing at this game.

Justice always prevails! And evil will never prosper! Hahahahahahahah! The world is at peace, and all is right! It's all thanks to my earnest effoooooooort! Miss Litchi is staring at me, and her eyes are filled with tears. She must be so happy to have finally broken free from--
Huh!? Could she have fallen in l-l-l-l-l-l-love with me because of my excellent performance--?

Aw geeze that girl sure is pretty ah I dunno uuuuu

I think it's time to get a stick.