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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

by Party Bug

Part 25: Bang: Story 04

C-Calm down. Just calm down and think. The timing couldn't be better, could it? Miss Litchi's opinion of me must be sky-rocketing right now. a gentleman, I am obliged to come up with the ultimate confession a woman can want...I, Bang Shishigami, will risk everything on this!

We can't be too far...I must find him.
M-Miss Litchi? Where are you? Hm.

Miss Litchi's mesmerizing scent seems to be coming from that direction--I can't just stand here and do nothing! I gotta follow Miss Litchi, or that large man will lose all faith in me!

...Phew. That was something else. But I wonder where he went...

Take back sunny sunshine. Defeat some bad guy. Cat peopole are so strong. Tao is also strong, lala. Huh? Is that you over there, boobie lady!? Long time no see, meow!
No, I said I was done with you! NO! NO!
Oh, hi, Tao. Yes, it's been a while.
You're as bouncy as always, boobie lady!

K-knock it off...
Meow, meow, I'm having so much fun neow! They're wonderful chunks of meat that are as tempting as catnip, meow.
D-Don't do that... Hey! That's enough!

That hurt, meow...
I'm sorry, I'm just...
I'll forgive you if you let me play with your boobies again.
That's out of the question.
You're mean, meow...
That's fine by me.

By the way, boobie lady, you seem troubled. What's the matter, meow? Are you hungry? I have some dried sardines if you want, meow.
N-No thank you...but I do need help. He--Well, let me put it this way: have you seen a black squiggly thing before?
No, I haven't, meow.
I see... What am I gonna do?
Miss Litchiiiii! Where are you!?
...People that you don't want around you are always nearby for some reason. It's becoming a problem.
You need those who're coming after you gone... Is that it, boobie lady? Let me take care of it for you, meow. If it goes well, I want something in return. I can't exactly work for free, you know. I'm looking for a man called Rawrgna. If you can either tell me where he is or... uh...give me lots of meat buns, consider it done. Which one sounds better to you, meow?
Hm, let's see...

Oh look a new choice. We can either distract Tao with Buns, which will probably work or with Ragna, which will also probably work. Because Tao is stupid and we could distract her with a piece of string if necessary. Either way the last Bang update is next!