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Part 26: Bang: Story 05

We all the know the way to Tao's heart is through food.

The person after you is going to treat me to some meat buns meow? Really!?
I'd love to treat you to some myself, but I'm sort of in a hurry right now. So try and ask that man there for it, OK?
Thanks for the tip, boobie lady! I'll be right there, meat bun man, meow!
...She really left. I was only half-joking... But, I guess it's for the best. I have to find him while I still can...

Scruffy man right there, you gotta give me some meat buns meow!
...Meat buns? Unfortunately, I don't have any on me.
You're lying! Boobie lady said you'd treat me to some meat buns! You don't need to hold back meow! Feel free to give me all you've got!
Y-You're kidding, right?
Then, I guess I'll have to rob you!
Not content with murder and cannibalism, Tao has decided to add robbery to her growing list of food related crimes.

What's your reasoning for it!? You know what they do to bad kids like you...? It's time for a spankin'!

This is what happens when I'm given no supervision and little objective. I kind of ramble on about stuff and don't do a good job of explaining it.

Anyway, Bang VS Tao. Tao has better air options and mobility, as usual. They both need to get very close to do their real damage though, so it's a little more even of a match. Trying to hit Tao from the ground is hard, but probably the best bet.

Meow... I lost, meoooow...
I wonder what that child wanted...? Oops, I have no time for this. I gotta go after Miss Litchi! Miss Litchiiiii! I'll be right theeeeeere!

Yaaaay, Hakumen is back. Now we can care again.

Pathetic insect... The Azure has drawn you here, but you have reached your limit. This is the end for you.
Back and bein' a dick like always, aw yeah.
Your ma ic pow s st ng. I w it.
You allowed yourself to become corrupted by the wisdom that lies beyond the Boundary. The magic that I wield would utterly destroy you. I will greant your release now. I suggest you return to the Boundary what you have borrowed!

Hold it!


Who are you? Surely you cannot think to stop me.
You refuse to admit the truth. If that creature was once human, it left that world long ago. He has no reason to live.
...I know. But I can't just stand here and watch him die.
Then the two of you shall depart for the Boundary together. Prepare yourself! Good-bye, foolish child!

Whoa! That looks like Miss Litchi over there! She's protecting that black squiggly thing again? And more importantly, she chose it over me? No, this isn't the time to get jealous! I'll be right there, Miss Litchiii! Not on my watch!

I'm sorry I'm a little late! But, you have nothing to worry about now! Bang Shishigami will protect both you and that black squiggly thingy!
And then this guy comes in and ruins our important lesson about skeletal structure superiority.
A ninja of Ikaruga, are you? Step aside, or condemn yourself to my wrath.
There are no men in Ikaruga who would back off because they were told so! You're the one who needs to get ready for this! Let's settle this fair and square!
You have made your choice, then. Prepare yourself. I am Hakumen. The end has come.

Generally I'd prefer to link to videos of American players, but I couldn't find any good ones. So instead we get Dora. Dora is THE Bang. He's quite good, and you can see the cool stuff he does with Bang's movement and mixups in this video.

I also chose thing because I couldn't find a video of CSEX Hakumen, who is a beast. Much better than Bang, better range, more damage, the ability to cut Bang's projectiles. Hakumen is great and Bang is not so much in this match. Block stuff.

It seems I am victorious!

...Impressive. Your spirit is strong.

Gotta get as much as possible glowing shit as we can before we get rid of Bang, I guess?

But it makes little difference. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. The end has come.

Ma pow lev ncreas no en ! mazin ! Am zin pow !
Seithr is escalating indefinitely! This is just like what happened to Iruma... I-It can't be...!?
Now is the time, ninja of Ikaruga. We have not yet finished.
W-Wait! Aren't you aware of what's happening here!?
Yes. It has begun...but there is yet time. I cannot afford to lose to the likes of you.

Hmph! I guess I have no other choice then. Miss Litchi, please get out of here with that squiggly thingy! Let me handle this!
But the gate is out of control now! If this goes on, this place'll be wiped out just like Iruma! You'll die for sure if you get dragged into it!
Fun fact, Iruma is the only other Heirarchal City mentioned to the best of my knowledge in this game. I believe out of the seven it's one of three that's actually named. In the games, at least.

There's nothing to worry about. As soon as I finish him off, I'll be right behind you. I'll see you at the bar in Orient Town. Would you like to have a drink with me there?
I will. I'll be waiting for you!

All right now, that's enough warm-up. Check this out! This is the master art of Ikaruga ninja!
Hmph... Prepare yourself.
Okay, this'll probably be pretty cool! Maybe Bang's story isn't a waste of time after all!

In the Kaka clan, the heroic tales of Bang Shishigami have been passed from generation to generation - as a folk tale of the man who stole back the sun.
Ah, nevermind.

Take this! Super special technique!
'Catch an opponent off guard by making it look like I fall on my face'!
Uwagh, I can't believe it! You totally got me!
It's my turn to be Boss Bang now!
No, it's my turn.
It's my turn!
It's mine!
I want to play Boss Bang, too!
Yaaaah! Take this humongous nail!
Ultimate technique! Fuu rin ka zan!

Everybody, be nice to each other, meow. No fighting. If scruffy man of love and justice sees this, he will get mad in heaven.
Good answer! I'm sure that makes the scruffy man happy, meow. It's getting dark, so let's all go home.
You've met Boss Bang before, right, Tao?
Yeah. It was a long time ago, though. He was such a scruffy man.
Boss Bang must've been so strong!
Not as strong as Tao. But he sure was.
If he was really that strong, why did he have to go to heaven?
He wanted to bring back the sky upon the village of Kaka, meow... Look, meow! The scruffy man is watching over us to make sure somebody is happy from up there. Let's all say thank you to him, meow. Ready?
Thank you, scruffy maaaan!

Yeah, so Bang's real ending is literally he tried to take on Hakumen and exploded. Pretty great. Actually, none of Bang's endings are considered very close to canon. They sort of pretend he never existed until the next game, really. Next up it's intermission time!