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Part 28: Arakune: Story 01

When I visited that room, I felt a sudden chill, and I wanted to run away.

It seemed to be a journal. A memorandum might be a better fit word.

Compared to the cryptic words pasted all over the wall, that memorandum was surprisingly readable. Although the composition was that of a human language, it was still incomprehensible. In some parts, there were symbols and graphs that were impossible to understand, and some pages only contained one word, written over and over again.

Maybe it was intended to be the only understood by "him"... or maybe he himself didn't know what he war writing. Whatever the case, this does not change the fact that these are important documents. Very vital in understanding that "thing" he was after...

It was a transmission from my boss. I tried to say something but nothing would come out. I had to get back to him later. I squeezed my voice out and told him, "I'll get back to you with the details."

Odd. Something was wrong.

What was this presence--

And action. It may not be immediately obvious, but between this and the previous scene there's probably a large time gap. Imagine a montage of Arakune crawling around in gutters and eating small children behind the 7-11.

If step away no , needl stab blood flo flow. Eyes gaze, empti em ti . Aah, sway dark, , devour, de our... Huh?

you stupid dog... a sly serpe t?
I've heard rumors of you, but...
After , su prise ter who be Ed tree lea . don't rea ize ve died... Fool sh snake... Beeheeheeheeheehee!
What the hell are you talking about? Have you lost your sanity?
A life- th a mall brai ca ot volve. at's truth, a that's ychol gy.
Hmm...I've heard that your "memorandum" has been discovered.
A possible reproduction of Arakune's memorandum:
1. buy milk from the grocery
2. consider speech therapist
3. schedule plastic surgery to make face look less like bowling ball

Memora ?
You used to be...

Oh, tha poin le s gibber I ote? Even you able t analyze , onl my poor writ . It's pointless...poin less, pointless, pointless--aahaaheehee!
Just as I thought...Can't reason with him. Then, all there is for me to do is to capture you. Although, I feel bad for her.

So even though Tager is super good now Arakune is still at a heavy advantage in this match. Tager is slow, and Arakune can teleport and fly around the screen to maintain distance. He's also got bugs to help with zoning, and as long as he pays attention to when Tager is sledgehammering he doesn't have much of a problem. Being a massive hitbox also doesn't help him with avoiding curse clouds and curse bugs. Just fly away, laugh, and also don't drop a curse combo and get 720'd for it.

I didn't think he had this much power! This isn't good...he's messed with my power unit.
Sto stop top ! Don loo me! bitter xper isola unde wen , an abs world's long-leg phenom come table.

Man, Arakune's story is really different compared to everyone else. It's literally 'you are a blob now eat things'. I was originally thinking of doing his text with spoiler tags so people could read the whole thing, but holy shit I have trouble updating as it is. So please enj y t ing to fig r t ou .

Name: Lotte Carmine (formerly)
Alias: Arakune
Roy (formerly)
Race: Unknown
Human (formerly)
Gender: Male
Height: 20~200cm (7.9" ~ 6'6.7")
Weight: 5~1000kg (11~2,2204.6 lbs)
Hair: None
Red (formerly)
Status: Active
Drive: Crimson