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Part 30: Arakune: Story 03

Let's continue our adventures in unrestrained consumption. Quick recap: Arakune is a blob. First he ate Tager, then he ate Tao, and now he's going to go eat more people. Oh my Goooooood.

Some s ho ... swea tears...

Wait a minute! The heavens, earth, and people call upon me! The savior of love and justice, Bang Shishigami! Here I come!

... e smel s dumb.

You monster! How dare you lay a finger on one of my men! I did a little investigating on you... Sure enough, you had a pretty handsome bounty on your head! I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the wanted poster...but your luck ran out the moment you set foot into Ronin-gai, lookin' like that...
It's weird people take the Library seriouslu when one of their most-wanted villians looks a bedsheet. (And the other is Ragna the Bloodedge)

So bos fe -min peop I be ier le boy ev stu ...I great stur this.

Eeeei! I don't understand a word you've saying! What is that savage tongue you speak in!? Perhaps I'll teach you a lesson or two with my bare hands...! Today, you will fall in the name of justice!


This fight is annoying as hell. Against a real player it isn't that bad, but CPU Bang has an uncanny knack of using his drive to block bugs. That said, the match is still in Arakune's favor. Bang relies on being at very close ranges, and Arakune has the tools to effective prevent that. I made liberal use to the bell bug to keep him from flying around in the air, that seems like a good idea. Nails aren't even that big of a threat, and some bugs will even take the nail for you.

Kuoh! How did I let this creature get the best of me!?

Shou devou him...? Nah... shou n . nasty... smells...

Hey! You monster! Wait!

...Be no invol ed. I don ge invol , hi smell won b ther me...
We can't kill Bang, fuck this unjust earth.

What bo place, no pres nce a ri pl life surg ... no hing...

"Wh--What's that?"


"Aaaaaaah! A monster!"

... don' wa t nything looks nas y.

"H--Help...! Help me!"

Eat ng virtue. Tast tast ... anything eat...?

"I-It's over here! Here's the monster!"

"Thank God! An NOL officer is here! Please, get rid of that thing!"

Thank God, it's the police!

Don't worry. Leave it to me. It's dangerous, so stay back.


I... I'm from the NOL! Put your hands in the air!
Nevermind, I thought it was the real police.

Oh...? seems some tast ... , hard to ... color is she...?

Eek! Wh-What is this smell...? It's like a disgusting...sludge... He's like a scary monster...! B-But people are watching... If I run away now, who knows what people will say...?

I guess can take bite...

Eeeeek! B-B-B-Bugs!? Not bugs! I hate bugs!
Listen officer, I think this is non-skeletal profiling.
Quit squeal . , let's devour . Yes, let's. AhAHhAHAhaHahaH.
D-Don't move! I...I'll shoot! I really mean it!
Beyon col ter is scent burn soul. She be tasty thought. Maybe scien s nature find out...

more power th n t ought. gift life, is deep spring?

This one is not so annoying. Noel, like Bang, needs to be close to really do anything. So the same thing I noted above is still applicable here.

Let's talk about that Unlimited Arakune though, that guy sure looks cool. Unlimited Arakune is all about bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs. Curse is not super short, but it only takes 1 hit to start it and you also spit out three bugs instead of just one. This doesn't do a whole lot of damage, but it is pretty much impossible to dodge. Other items of interest are the fact that he moves insanely fast, and he has a new distortion. You can see it in the video, you can spit out a bag of bugs. If an opponent happens to hit it they'll release a bunch of little bugs, and if one of them proceeds to touch your opponent they will insta-kill them. It's pretty great if you can trick someone into hitting your sack. Otherwise it's just your standard health and meter boost. While it looks absolutely ridiculous, Arakune's new curse doesn't really deal that much damage. The fact that you can get it off so quick kind of makes up for it, though.

I've had enough...I wanna go home... My clothes are dirty...and I smell...*sob*

Shal devour er? mus hav In or limina was .
S...Stop...! Don't come near me!


Oh ...!? OA A AA AAO O GH! Oogh...gyeh.
...Huh? Uhhhhh... Is it all right if I leave out...? But that's probably not a good idea...
Ah, ...? This dar pla ... bottom f hell...? Am he realm f dea h...? maybe it' the of cy e death r birth...
Eek! I-It's still alive!? Please! I really don't like this! I really don't!


...Is it dead?
...Ugh, hehhhh...
Why are you still alive...? Stop! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!



...Is it dead this time?
Good... I was so scared... I didn't think I was gonna make it...oh, thank God. There's a hole in the bag... I need to close it...but I don't want to touch it... *whimper* I don't think this is recyclable... I wonder if the trash collector will take this... But I... it's not my responsibility... I don't wanna touch it again... I want to shower now... I hope the smell will come off...

Oh, ugh , moh , sahhhh... Ugh... ligh brigh ...where th s... smell trash... Accum waste... never though en this. Ugh, agh... Uahhh...

Squiggly is back and better than ever. Pardon the dust, half of this post is a year old.

There are two more parts to Arakune's story, and there's really no choices to make. After Arakune is finished I'm probably going to play Noel, because this game actually has a story and we should learn about it. Then I might open up to voting, depending on how much I want to finish this in a reasonable amount of time.

Hahahaha Chrono Phantasm Unlimited Arakune.