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Part 31: Arakune: Story 04

Alright, we're going to be a little nicer this time. Let's go look for the Azure!

Azur zureAz zureGri oire zur GrimoireAzure...

Goddammit, Jin...! Go a little easier on me next time...
Let's not dwell on this.
Fin , I get clo con Azure Grim you and soul's r birth...!

What the hell are you...?
Hey...! Don't come near me!

Aaghahaa! Azu Azur zureAzure zure... won le go... Fina captured , Azur ... Guheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What the-- OK, seriously...? Could you...go away...?

Like every other character, Ragna's normals are way better than Arakune's. He can also move pretty fast when you're not paying attention. That said, Arakune is pretty good at zoning. Also press back twice to teleport. From what I understand this match is in Arakune's favor in CSE, and that makes sense to me!

Guh...! How'd I lose to...someone like you...
Azur zur Azure zur . e era of zure... world wit Az com --

The Az . Devour i . This i th world...!
Eat the Azure to gain it's pleasant blue tint.
You bastard...!

What wan true myster compos world. that curren n my bo , e com formu of worlds in me... Guheeheeheeheeeeeeeeah!

I finally...I finally found you.
The downside to Arakune is that he's shackled to this, the most boring character. Uuugh.
I've been looking all over for you. You were such a recluse before, and now that you're so active, it took me forever to find you...
I'm a fuckin' flying garbage bag that eats everything in sight, lady. How could you not find that, come on.
Ugh, agh. Ubu...ohh...agh.
Don't stay outside forever. Let's go home, OK? I'm sure we'll find a way to turn you back...
Who are you a do know me why you me you are who you know me me me ...?
You can't remember anything? Not even me?
No non I don memor ther isn't any the isn't any el ment should nev exist n me...

I see...that's how it is... It's not that easy... But...I'm bringing you home, OK? I came all the way here for that.

Don get my . get ri you. The Azure right nt me...! Graaaaagggghhh!

tohan-sensha vs promethe
souji vs cho
Jesus chirst, that stick.

This match isn't so good for Arakune, since Litchi is pretty great at mid-screen, better in the air in general, and she can send her pole out to harass Arakune when he's trying to hang back and throw clouds around. You have to be really careful about timing your bugs and attacks.

Arakune is one of the characters you should really watch being played by someone who knows what they're doing. So click those links up there and watch Japanese people be good at video games.

I got 99 apoidea but a female specimen ain't one.

I'm, Ahahahahahaha comple mix . Some one knows outs world.
Wait! Aah...!

I don kno who you , but have to ttracted grand souls tomov th m. white soul flicker .Just white dwarf s ar...

Alright, so one more Arakune update after this. I could probably have done it all here, but there's a variant ending I kind of want to show. Because it's about Hakumen being a dick and that's always cool.
That rad music that plays during the Litchi vs Arakune match is called Weak Executioner and happens to be the only matchup specific song that's played for characters who aren't important. All the other unique music only plays for the story-centric characters.

Hey I'm Trojan horsing a LP about Katamari Damacy in here because that's a cool game I guess?

Yo, I tried streaming Persona 4 Arena but it didn't work out to well. Also Daft Punk.

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Godspeed, you raving Bang fanboy.

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How much do you love Bang Shishigami? this what I deserve?

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That announcer makes me want to rip my ears from my body and hurl them into the sun.

I spent five dollars on that voice and it's the best thing ever.