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Part 36: Noel: Story 03

Into the Library Headquarters we go.

*sigh* I'm finally here. No one's inside? But, why?

just beat it

What took you so long!?

Ah! I-I'm sorry I'm late, Hazama.

Oh, well... I just got here myself, but I was as surprised as you were... not a single soul.

I wonder what happened...

It could be Ragna.

You mean he attacked this base? I can't believe it...

Well, either way, there's no question that this is a strange occurrence. Be on alert. The perpetrator might still be nearby.


Major Kisaragi!?

It's you... Lieutenant!

(This is...a murderous intent? But why?)

An order of withdrawal has come from headquarters. Please, return to your post right away, Major. I would appreciate an explanation.




Why do you interfere, Lieutenant Vermillion?

"Wh-Why" is my line! Why did you attack Hazama!?

P-Please give me a break... I-I'm not good...with these sorts of things!
It is very inconvenient to get stabbed, yes.

I'll ask you one more time. Why do you interfere, Lieutenant!?

What happened to you, Major? This whole incident... you're acting on your own... why?

Hahaha... so in the end, you were just another obstruction...well, that makes things simple... if that's the case, I just need to eliminate you!

...Eh? M-Major?

Hmph... Any last words?

Not quite 'I only have one life to give', but it's Noel. She died as she lived, being surpised about stuff.


So Jin is better at mid-range and long-range fighting than Noel. He's also way better in the air than her, so ground is the way to go, and close is the way to be. Jin's got several DP options, so Noel needs to be careful about approaching and leaving space between combos. On the other hand, baiting one of Jin's attacks is a great way to get in a lot of damage. It's also a good idea to watch Jin's heat gauge even moreso than other characters, since he has options that open up when he gets to 25%, unlike everyone else.

Guh...God...damn it...!

Major, please stop. HQ says if you return now, you won't face a court martial...

Guh...Don't give me orders! You know...NOTHING!

There was a shuddering crash, and the whole room began to shake.

I-I was just... Wh-What the...!? that you...? "Ragna"?

M-Major! Please wait! Eek! Don't tell me... This...!

You're not going home, Noel? I thought your father wasn't doing very well...

Yeah...but if I go home, I'll just make him I might be better off here.

Well, I can't force you to do anything... But I do think your father would like to see you.


That's right. My dad says the same thing... Whatever they tell you, it's always best to see them in person.

Stop worrying yourself to pieces over nothing, and just go home to visit him. Unless...have you and your parents had a falling-out?

N-No, that's not it. I love my mom and dad.

Hehe...I've never heard you say you love someone... They must be awfully important to you.

Now I'm kinda jealous... Do you "love" me, too!?

That's a no.

Noel? What's wrong?

Hmm...? O-Oh, it's nothing.

If you say so...

Noel, if you go home, don't forget to bring me some souvenirs! I'll get you something, too... I promise.


Geez... Makoto!

Hehe.. and I was thinking...maybe something edible.

...I doubt there's anything, but I'll look.

A-ha! Yes!

The only thing I could do to repay them for the kindness they'd shown me
was to restore the name of the once-noble Vermillion family.

That was why I went to the Academy...

I thought that if I did well--beter than anyone else--then maybe things would

So when the holidays came and everyone else went home to their families, I
was alone in the dorms...studying.

Huh!? Th-This is...



Wh-Who are you...? Wh-What was that...?



(I've...seen this...somewhere...)

...Target, confirmed.


Scanning complete. IFF determined. Processing... Target

Identification... Identical...

Activate termination protocol.

Joining me is that one guy who I do stuff with. That guy.

But...wait... Something's different.

The person standing in front of me speaks, for the first time.

"Look at that."

She points toward a giant mirror.
I can see myself in it.

I had no idea there was something like this in here.
I...I can't turn away...

"You're not me. Who...are you?"

The person in the mirror asks me, but I don't know the answer.
I can't remember.
I can't remember.
I can't remember.
I can't remember.
I can't remember...
Who is she?

Welp, that's Noel. Here's the thing about Noel's story. If you want to see the Academy flashbacks and thus 100% the story, you need to finish every opponent with a distortion drive. You know where the game tells you this? Nowhere. Not a god damn place. This game is bad.

Anyway, Noel has a second branch of her story that is...a thing. I'm trying to decide if I want to subject people to that. Otherwise we'll move on to another side character, either Carl or Litchi.