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Part 39: Carl: Story 01

Yes...I know. We can't be relaxing just yet, right?

After being urged by my sister, I stand up. Soon, we will arrive at the central part of Kagutsuchi. We can't afford to waste any more time here.
Just gonna point this out, Kagatsuchi is clearly way in the background. Also it's been previously stated that being outside of the heirarchal city and close to the ground, where this picture is, is extremely hazardous and Carl is basically getting magic radiation right now. Way to be consistant, game.


Let's roll, robot.

Now...I wonder where Ragna the Bloodedge could be...let's gather some information first.
I think we're going to have to do some walking, Sis, but tell me when you're tired, OK?
Hey, you! Small one over there! Do you know of "Rawrgna"?
... Hm? "Rawrgna"...?
Yeah! He's the... what's it called? The "big bad villain" that came here!
Oh, and you talking about Ragna the Bloodedge?
Meow! That's it! Tao must capture "Rawrgna"! Then I'll get lots n' lots of money!
Are you...a vigilante?

"Vigilante"? What's that? Is that yummy? vigilante is...
hopefully more successful than the two of you.

She's a strange girl...although, to tell the truth, I'm not sure if she's a boy or a girl...
Really, Carl? You're up to your ears in women at the academy and you still don't know what a girl looks like? I know why you wearin' them shorts now.

It does appear that the ears on her head are real, however. I met "beastmen" while I was at the Academy, but this creature seems...different.

...and so, people who capture wanted criminals and get money for it are referred to as "vigilantes" by the general public.
Uh...Tao doesn't like complicated stories...
I...I don't think it was too complicated...
OK, so anyway, I understand that I'm a "vigi-something"!
Ah, mm-hm, you're probably right, Sis. Perhaps she's the type who learns through experience, rather than from a lecture.
Huh? I love moving around! You want to play with me?
Huh...? You want to spar? I guess I don't mind...
Don't worry, I'll be fine. I won't let my guard down. I'm aware of the physical capabilities of beastmen... And she doesn't seem to be so strong, either.
Meow, who are you talking to? Heeere I cooome!

I don't know what I'm talking about. What a shame.

Huh..? I don't know why...but...the spinning...
Tao, will you ever understand cause and effect?
Phew... She was a strong one, wasn't she, Sis? It was a good lesson. I guess I can't judge a person by their looks...I
Hmm...I think I lost. So we play again! I won't lose this time!
Y-You must be kidding me... Let's run for it, Sis. I won't last if we keep this up...

Hey! You wait! Come back here! You can't outrun me!

...I finally lost them... What was that all about...?
...Sis? What's wrong...?
Where are you going? Sis!

] Hm...?

Sis, what's wrong? What about this person?
Is that...the "Nirvana"!?
...What do you want with my sister?
You could say that they have
A MAGNETIC ATTRACTION ahahahahagahrsasrhnkjszg

Do you own Nirvana?
That is not her name. Please don't call her that.
I don't know your situation, but I'm sure you cannot handle that thing. Besides, it belongs to the Sector... I'll have to confiscate it.

Something about this person...reminds me of my sister... I can't really put it into words, but he doesn't really feel like a...a...person.

Did my sister sense him and come here of her own will?

Hey look, a choice. Guess what, I'm going to make it for you. I don't even care. Tager ain't nothin' to fuck with.

I...I can't win. I'm not at full strength... I used up a lot of energy running away earlier. I need to avoid confrontation. I grab my sister's hand.

Let's run...

So, you choose to run... Unfortunately, I don't have the time to pursue...either mission takes precedence.

Are you all right, Sis?
Yeah, I'll rest for a bit, too. So don't worry.

Huh!? Where are we?

Welcome, child. I have invited you here.
I...Invited!? Um...what do you want with us?
I thought perhaps we would play for a time.
Child, step into my magic pumpkin. There's candy inside. Come on.
P...Play...? Am I dreaming...?
Unfortunately, no. I have invited you here. Prepare yourself, boy.
My apologies, but we're a little tired... Can you invite someone else?

This...this place is awfully strange... I can't quite find the words to describe it, but it seems real enough... I have a bad feeling about this... It's best if I leave quickly.

No. Receiving an invitation from me is a great honor. Accepting is not optional.
Rachel is the vampire mafia, basically.
Seems like we don't have much of an option... What should we do, Sis?
Sis!? What's wrong?
Are you saying...she's dangerous?
Me? Dangerous? Hehe. You -are- amusing.
What are you...?
Weren't you listening? I said we're going to play. ...But I'm only interested...

... you.

Now come over here, boy. It's time we begin.

What did you do to my sister!? Ch-Change her back!
Don't worry. I'll release her when we've finished.

So this is interesting. This battle has a special condition, in that Carl can't use his D moves to make Nirvana do anything. You can't see it in the video since it's a story mode only thing, but it's kind of annoying.

As for this matchup, the idea seems to be running the gauntlet of projectiles and getting your slow ass doll to trap Rachel in a corner. Carl can use his slide to dodge around projectiles, although that'll get old pretty quick. The good news is that Rachel is terrible about getting out of pressure, so once you're in you'll probably have a much easier time.

...Hmm. I expected as much.


...Sis! Are you OK? Are you hurt?
Honestly... You're a co-dependent introvert, and you're constantly on the verge of tears. Perhaps if you could tear yourself away from you sister, you'd be less of a petulant infant.

Heheh. But you have provided me with entertainment, so I will reward you with what you desire--information.
If you really wish to will need a much better Nox Nyctores.
Nox Nyctores...
I believe someone you know quite well has one. You've probably even seen it before.
Someone I know really well...?
Let's see...I'll give you a hint. It's a person you met while you were still under the supervision of the NOL. The "Hero of Ikaruga" and his assistant... Surely I don't need to spell it out for you?
You don't mean...Jin Kisaragi and Noel Vermillion...?
How refreshing to know you can think after all. They are here, in this town, as we speak, although I do not know how much longer they will be safe.
...Who are you? Why are you telling me this?
Who knows? But, does it really matter? Regardless, you would be wise to make haste. Your time grows short.

For some reason, I want to believe everything she says...I can't explain almost seems like there's some kind of mysterious power behind her words that simply compels me to believe them...

Okay, vote if anyone cares. Otherwise I will pick someone.

In other news PumpkinBat wrote a lot of things that are true and did it better than I could. THANKS.

edit: I need a second page in here jesus christ.


Here's Carl's theme, Purple Marionette. I didn't like it at first, but now I appreciate it's jazzyness.