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Part 40: Carl: Story 02

Jin is an asshole, let's go beat him up.


...Oh, Valkenhayn. Eavesdropping?
Ah, Madam Rachel. You are so whimsical.
Do you really think so? In another world, that child could have been a bright star...
How unfortunate, then, that this world will not let him...
It is not simply the world. His path is of his own choosing.
Then do you think he may make the correct choice?
Hahaha no.
Oh, I doubt that very much. That is what makes this a tragedy. Or a comedy, I suppose.
This conversation happens no matter who you choose, by the way.

Ragna... Who are you trying to fight? ...What should I... do?
Go away? Not be so needy? CHILL OUT?

Haha... That's just like you, Jin.
You are?

He made a mistake, Sis. He is the "Hero of Ikaruga" after all.
...Carl... Carl Clover...
Long time, no see, Jin. It looks like you do remember me.
It's not often a student leaves the academy behind without saying a word... So what brings you to this town?
Actually, it's quite simple. I just want that weapon of yours.
The "Yukianesa"?

Oh, it'll be OK. The NOL won't punish you if it happened to be taken by force.
...I'll have you die right here.
Holy shit, Carl.
...You're joking.

Featuring special guest theonlypie314SA. She knows things about Carl that are cool and is cool. Thanks for the help!

Huh? That's odd, Sis. He's still alive. I gave it my all too. Oh, well. I believe this is mine now.
Guh... Guagh!!
...So this is a "Nox Nyctores". Truly, it feels like I can cut through anything with it. I wonder why she told me to use this...

A deep rumbling began to emit from somewhere deep under the building

!? What was that...?
Sis!? What's wrong? Mm... I see... There's something down there... Let's go. I feel like I need to go there, too.
Ah yes, I feel an inexplicable urge to MOVE THE PLOT FORWARD.

The whole Jin/Noel choice also doesn't matter, because the next part happens regardless:

What is this...?

Shit... Ugh!
...Hm? I got blood on myself... Are you OK, Sis?

Hehehe...Ragna, you're so stubborn.
Ragna? It is him. He's badly injured...but it's Ragna the Bloodedge. But, why? And who's the other person? What do you think, Sis?
You're shaking... Sis, what's wrong!? we can finally be together...
Oh, no! That lady's taking Ragna the Bloodedge with her! Let's go, Sis! me! Please wait!
And now Carl is suddenly polite after his insane bloodlust has been sated.

The Azure... I really need the Azure Grimoire that Ragna the Bloodedge carries! Do you think you can give it to me? I know I'm asking for a lot, but...
If I don't have that, my sister won't change back. So please--
Um, are you listening?
Target confirmed... Who are you...?
I... I'm...
Interfering with my directive. Scanning complete. Target in possession of Nox-class weapon. Threat Level raised to B.
Sis...are you still scared? You are, aren't you? But you'll be fine. I'm here. And the Azure is right in front of us. I'll get rid of her and return you to normal.

Subject determined to be hostile... Now beginning termination.
Sis...I'm gonna do my best. I want to eat your cooking again.

I'm told this match sucks because crossing the screen as Carl is not an easy thing. I would think using his slide could dodge some projectiles, but it's still not easy.


My attacks...aren't working?
Scanning target... Target within operational levels...
No--There's no way... How can there be someone we can't beat...!?
Resuming attack...

Lifting restriction number 666. Deploying dimensional interference force field. Murakumo Unit deployed... From beyond the realm of souls and birth, I call upon the ur-sword to bring ruin upon my enemies. Perish.

I can't dodge it...!
Watch out!

Litchi, continuing her ever-vigilant war against strong (anime) female characters, arrives to get beat up just in the nick of time.

Wh-What...? Why... Why did you...?

"Why"...? I don't know... I wonder why...? But...I was worried about you, so I followed you here. I was surprised...I never thought you would make contact with the Murakumo Unit...
Alright, this doesn't make sense. There's an earlier branch in Carl's story where you can lose a fight and get dumped in the hospital with Litchi. Except, this didn't happen on this path. So, basically, the developers were like ITS CARL NOBODY CARES, FUCK and just threw her in here.

Scanning target...Likelihood of survival: less than 7%. Returning to stand-by.

Now, Ragna...let's become one...

Why did you protect me...? How can you do that!? I don't understand...
Do I need...a help someone in need...?

Memories fill my head, and for a moment, I see my sister in this lady...
Not her face or her body, but...her heart.

But, I... I...!

I don't understand, Sis...
...The gate!?
I don't get it... I just don't get it... I don't get it at all...

Alright I'm sick of Carl already.

Also there's literally nothing else interesting in his story, it all more or less leads to the ending I just showed you. So I'm going to do Litchi next, then move on to the actual important characters. I'll also try to update a bit faster, since we're only two months from the Japanese console release of BB:CP and once I can play that I won't care at all about other things.

Edit: So you know how Carl's sister is a robot and all that? Don't think I'm depriving you of any kind of story by not playing through his other path. Because there isn't any. They never explain it in Calamity Trigger. She's a robot and that's it, beep boop that's all you got. Deal with it.