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Part 41: Litchi: Story 01

We're going to get this one over with real quick.

Dr. Faye-Ling. Dr. Faye-Ling!
...What is it, Linhua? Is the next patient here?

Geez, Doc... That person was your last patient, you know. Something the matter? You seem out of it.

My assistant Linhua looks worried... I gave a bitter smile.

I was just thinking about how long it's been since I've come here to Kagutsuchi.
I think it's actually been a while...but now that you mentioned it, you came to this town because you were looking for something, right? I take it you haven't found it yet?
Yeah... It's proving to be a lot harder than I expected.
You look a little glum, Doc.
R-Really? ...I guess I am a little worn out.
Are you gonna go down again today?

By "down", she means the lower layers of Kagutsuchi.
Yeah I bet she does.

Hmm... Maybe I'll try going up for a change.

...By which, of course, I mean the layers above Orient Town, where the Librarium officials and the other nobles live. It looks quite different... You almost wouldn't know it's the same city.

Up? That's pretty rare.
Something's been bothering me lately.

Some NOL soldiers came to Orient Town today to put up new wanted posters.
"Ragna the Bloodedge..."

Apparently he's been going around destroying Librarium branches...and now he's come here, to the 13th Hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi. From what I've head, Ragna's grimoire has unprecedented power...I'm sure that...he would like to have it.

But above? I can't really stand those guys. Everyone up on the higher layers treats the underground people like trash. I can do without those arrogant jerks.
That's true... I can't say that I agree with what they do.
Well, if you're going out, Doc, be careful. I hear there are officials from the Library still running around.
Yeah, I'll be careful. If anything happens while I'm out, can you call Dr. Han over?
Aww, that quack? I don't like him either...he looks so perverted, too.

Pictured above: Dr. Han Lue, Medical Drifter.
It's not good to judge a book by its cover. That's exactly what the upper-layer people do, you know?
Yes, I know.
Good answer. Now, be good while I'm away.

I wave to Linhua and step out of the clinic. As I look around, I can't suppress a small, bitter smile...

...They sure posted a lot on our wall too, didn't they?

The wanted posters cover every wall in sight. Any flat surface has been plastered with his scowling face. I pull one down, fold it up, and tuck it away.

If Ragna came from out of town, someone at the port probably saw him.

In a world covered in clouds of seithr, people must use airships to travel from one city to another. This is how it's been since the war. However, there usually aren't many ships... I doubt a trip to the harbor would be a wasted one.
Kagatsuchi is land locked, FYI.

Let's go, Lao Jiu.

I reach for my panda-like hair clip, and as if in response to my signal, it repositions itself, moving my hair to the side.

I'm at the port now, but I wonder if anyone really has seen Ragna. I'll need to do a little investigating.

Well that came out of nowhere.

As with any Litchi match, I'm pretty much in the dark. Take this with a grain of salt. Apparently this is a fairly even matchup, Litchi's staff makes a decently annoying projectile and she can get some nasty hits off air confirms. Of course, Tao is also amazing in the air. So it's kind of a toss up. Don't suck, I guess?

Hey, boobie lady! Come play with meow!

Only one person I know would attack me in a crowded plaza in broad daylight. Taokaka...

Don't jump on me like that! You startled me! ...Fine, I guess it can't be helped. But first, won't you get off of me? You're heavy.
Fine, I guess it can't be helped...
Tao, you need to settle down a little.
OK, meow!
Yes, good answer. Now, Tao... You're lucky it was me, but you can't just jump on people like that, OK?
OK, boobie lady!
Good response, and I appreciate you raising your hand...but are you sure you understand? You haven't done this to other people, have you Tao?
Oh, I haven't! ...Hmm? Boobie lady, what's that, meow?

That's when she notices the wanted poster tucked between my breasts.

This? Do you want to see it?
Yes, I do! Yes, I do!

I pulled out the poster and handed it to Tao.

Oh! This is that good guy!
He's not a good guy. This is a wanted poster for him.
But he is a good guy! He was in your town, boobie lady.
Huh? You mean he came to Orient Town?
I fought him like "Bam!", "Kaboom!", and then he bought me lunch! So he's a good man, this white guy...
Cat racism is striking again.

As always, you have an interesting way with words...

Putting the "Bam!" and "Kaboom!" aside, when she said "white guy", she must've been referring to his white hair. I can't believe she's already met him.

I can't believe Ragna's already passed through Orient Town... This must be what they mean when they say, "The base of a lighthouse is ever dark".

If Ragna's already in Kagutsuchi, then he is probably preparing to make his move.

Thanks, Tao. It was good seeing you.
Suuure! I'm not really sure what happened, but I'm happy if I was able to help mew. I'm taking off, so I'll see you around, boobie lady!

I should go back to Orient Town for now.



That commotion bothers me, but I need to find Ragna before he does. It's good to be energetic, Tao.

Don't think I care about what option you want or anything, I just wanted to break these updates up. How 'bout that, huh. HUH?

Litchi concept art, notice the ever present lack of clothes:

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