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Part 42: Litchi: Story 02

I'm back in Orient Town. Tao said Ragna bought her some food around here...if I'm lucky, he's still nearby.

Since he's a wanted bounty, I doubt he'll be on the main streets... I should make my way to the back alleys.

I check a few alleys and back streets.

...Huh? ......No way.

I take another look at the wanted poster...He does look a little different, but there's no mistake... It's him. He seems a little different, but he definitely shares the same attributes.

Either he's incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid...a wanted criminal, walking down the street in broad daylight...he heads straight for me...

...and keeps on walking past me.

Excuse me!

Huh? You call me?


Well, let's do this by process of elimination. The first option is way too rational for anyone in this game. The third option assumes Ragna has an attraction to women besides murdering them in secret government bases, which is doubtful. So let's pick 2.

You're the guy on this poster, right?
Huh? What are you, a vigilante? Unfortunately, I'm in a hurry.
You sure are making yourself comfortable here, aren't you? If you promise to leave Kagutsuchi right away, I won't inform the NOL I saw you.
If you know about me, you must know what I'm after...There's no backing down...
What do you intend to do with that power of yours?
I'm under no obligation to tell you.

Wait... What if he obtained that grimoire by accident or chance? Is that theonly reason he's been able to stand up to the Librarium for this long?

If that's the case... If I can get my hands on that grimoire...

I can't let someone who will disturb the peace of this city roam free.
Except Tao, a noted cannibal. And that squiggly

thing that's murdering people. But, like, other than that, no way bro.

Ugh... are you serious? I really don't enjoy beating up women.
Observation has proven this untrue.

Here's a fun one. Ragna can put out more damage, but Litchi has a far better neutral game. He can't do much if he can't actually get close to you. Plus, once Litchi has Ragna in the corner his low health means that he's going to be in some trouble. The safest bet would be to keep on the ground and keep Ragna from getting in too close unless you're going in for the kill.

I've got you cornered now! Give it up!
...I'm amazed...who the hell are you?
I work at that clinic right there.
Wha--a doctor? So what do you want with me? Unfortunately, I don't believe in seeing physicians.
I have some things I want to ask you.
Oh really? Well... I don' see ya!
Did I mention Ragna is a pretty okay protagonist?

Stop! It's rude to leave in the middle of a conversation!

Hmph. I'd hardly call this a conversation.
Just listen to me!

Where did he go...?

I'd been so fixated on my search for Ragna I didn't notice the sun set. It's dark now, and that's not going to make my search any easier. I take a minute to rest near the edge of Orient Town.

Maybe I should give up for today...
Hey, kid.

I spin around, trying to find the source of the mysterious voice.
In the game it never shows you who Litchi is talking to, but Jubei's voice is pretty distinctive. Since we've seen him before I'm just going to go ahead and use his portrait.

...Huh? No one's here...? Am I hearing things?
No, ya ain't.
Wh-Who's there!? Where are you speaking from!?
Calm down, ma'am. I ain't gonna hurt ya. I just wanna talk.

I can't see anyone...

No sense beatin' around the bush. That power you got... You know where it comes from?

I...I don't know where it comes from... But he shouldn't either... No one should. Stay calm, Litchi... Just answer his question.

...Of course. I wanted this power, so I obtained it.
You done stuck your hand into a nest of vipers, kid. You've seen the Boundary, ain't ya? You've seen what it can do to a fella?
Yes, I know that, too.

I'm going to go ahead and make the right choice here. Where the first one seems appropriately anime, the second one actually is thematic and thus right. So we'll go with that.

I seen a lotta things done in the name of protecting what's important. Did your wish come true?
I have no idea who you are, but that's none of your business.
All right then, ma'am. Suppose you're not interested in the whereabouts of that fella you're after, then?
Ah! You know where he is?
The underground waste facility near the Kaka clan's village. I reckon you know where that is.

But I've already checked that place many times...
It ain't exactly common knowledge, but the Library's runnin' that place. Stuff they put down there, rest of the world ain't supposed to see.
There's plenty of hidden ways inta the sewers even the Library don't know about. Look close, and I reckon you'll find what you're lookin' for.
Impossible... I've looked there numerous times, but I've never found anything. Still, why did you tell me all this?
Because I reckon it's the right thing to do, but I have ta warn, ya ma'am... If you don't take care of him, I will.
I can't afford to miss him, so I'll go.
...Let's hope your choice is the right one. Good luck to ya. 'Til we meet again.

...He's gone.

...I have to hurry.

Litchi's theme is Oriental Flower, it's dumb and not very good similar to how she is.