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Part 45: Jin: Story 01

AKA how many bad ice jokes can I make in 5 posts.

I knew there were people out there who had it in for me, but all I could do was

Ever since that day, I haven't really seen anything.

"Aren't you lucky? You know, the only reason you got promoted is because of your family name." They would say.


The only thing that's ever loved me.

I was given a rank. Medals. Admiration.
Things others would fight and die for were heaped upon me.
One day I noticed people had started to call me "Hero".

But try as I might, I felt nothing. None of it mattered to me.
After a while, I started to worry that my whole life would be like that.

That is, until the day the Reaper arrived in Kagutsuchi...

Who would've thought there'd be a town here... Hmph. More like a pathetic excuse for a town. Kagutsuchi, the 13th Hierarchical City.

That's odd...

I...feel people here...but I see nothing.

This door has been left open, and a scrap of cloth flutters in the wind.

Jin is such a dick everyone literally would rather just leave than deal with him.


I knew something was amiss the moment I entered town, but now...
I can sense several people approaching me from behind.

Their reasons do not interest me, but I have a feeling they do not intend to
let me pass, and I cannot abide any impediment just now. They're beginning to
irritate me...


Jin Kisaragi of the NOL! I have finally found you!
...What do you want?
What do I want!? Perhaps this scar on my face will refresh your memory!
Heh... Not really...
You bastard! How dare you insult the boss!
Leave this one to me!
Sir! Please, forgive me!
How dare you crown yourself with the name of my hometown!
Hometown...? Ah, of course... Ikaruga. You're one of those...what was it..."ninja"?
What do you want here? Wasn't the destruction of Ikaruga enough for you!?
Hmph. You have absolutely nothing that interests me. But if you stand in my way, I -will- remove you. Besides, it was only a coincidence I picked this path.
Th-That was the last straw...never forget, what you are bout to see... I am the man who fights for Kagutsuchi in the name of love and courage! I am...Bang Shishigami! Even if I have to break my master's teachings right here...! I -will- make someone pay for all the blood that was spilled in Ikaruga! This is my battle! You guys had better stay out of it!
En guarde!
Worthless trash...

Man, Jin was the first character back in Calamity Trigger. He was broken as hell and easy as hell and I loved him. These days he takes a little more work to play.

Jin vs Bang is one of those matches where you want to play rushdown. Jin is probably going to fare better in the air than Bang will, so jumping in works pretty well. Jin also deals better damage in general, you just have to be aware of his nails, which are very good tools.

*cough* ...I...Inconceivable...
"Inconceivable"...? Don't tell me you expected to win...?
ICE COLD (That's 1)
Damn you, Jin Kisaragi!
You guys stay out of this! Kuh... But for everyone's sake...I cannot be defeated here!

The man before me is breathing heavily. He does not seem to understand that he has lost...pitiful fool. There was never any other possible outcome.

What a waste of time...

Alright, this is the only choice Jin has in his story. Should we kill Bang (we should), or not waste our time on garbage like this?

Murder or don't murder?

Here's some Jin concept art with some lightsabers and shit.

Click here for the full 1121x819 image

Click here for the full 1121x585 image