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Part 46: Jin: Story 02


I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with these men just now.
I must reach the peak of Kagutsuchi.

Just stay on the ground... It suits you.
D...Damn it... Master...I'm sorry...

Damn you, Jin!
I'm tired of hearing that... Can't you come up with something more... creative?
Jin Kisaragi, your DPs takin' you so long to recover you makin' Tager moves look like rapid cancels. And your Librarium uniform look like a dishrag.

I finally got rid of them... They were like maggots on a carcass.

Look, Sis. That really is the "Hero of Ikaruga".
Who the hell are you...?
Pardon me. I'm not one to be cautious of. Just a vigilante.
I'm just a trained killer, nothing to see here.
A vigilante...? Then, you must be--
...That's exactly right. I know this may sound rude, but if you happen to kill the "Grim Reaper" before I get to him, it would be a terrible inconvenience.
Hah! That's a lot of confidence coming from a wannabe.
Why don't you talk about my confidence...
...after you fight me?

The child is pathetic...

Tch. Get out of my way.

Carl is a character that Jin can zone fairly easily with his projectiles. Carl's pressure is crazy if he gets in close, but judicious use of Jin's longer reach can keep the doll from doing too much. Unfortunately, the doll can also block projectiles, which is kind of annoying.

...Well done...Cadet Kisaragi.
Do I know you...?
I don't blame you for not remembering. I've only met you a couple oftimes...
The Military Academy...Hmph! I didn't think you would stoop so low as to become a vigilante...
Sorry, Sis... I lost... me...?

...Pitiful. Whatever. I've wasted too much time.
Unfortunately, we are not given the option to murder Carl. Even if Jin totally does when you lose to him in Carl's story.

Why is it...?

I try harder, search every corner for a hint of a presence...
I find something. It's faint, but it's there.

Someone passed through here...has the Grim Reaper already arrived?

Major Kisaragi!
...Lieutenant Vermillion.
Sir...I bring an "Imperial Command" from the NOL: Major Jin Kisaragi must report to the headquarters immediately.
The directive really just says: Stop being a dick.

For a moment, I feel dizzy. So the Librarium has already seen through my ruse and sent this child after me. How very irritating.

This girl's voice... This girl's face...

Why does she have -her- face?

Major...this the seal of the Imperator...
Um...I know I may be intruding, but...Tsubaki hasn't been the same since you left. So please, return to headquarters as soon as possible. They'll strike everything from the record if you return now.

This girl...
This girl...!

She's trying to take it all away again.
She's going to take everything from me.

Who the hell is she?

Are you not feeling well? You look a little--

Don't touch me! Shut up, you..."impediment"...
M-Major...what are you...?
Who the hell are you...? Who...who are you? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?


I got to #11. Funny thing about Jin's challenge mode, there are much better combos you could be doing.

Here's a sweet combo video. These are even less practical, but they sure do look cool.


When I come to, Noel Vermillion is nowhere to be seen. It's quiet.

There is a shadow standing in front of me.

It looks I used to know.


Ugh...! Wh...What was that...just now...? And this...

My right hand is drenched in

It's awfully warm to the touch.

Did I kill...that girl?

Huh!? He's... here...!

Yeah, Jin's story is pretty rad.

Here's Jin's theme, Lust SIN.

Not even going to make the joke.