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Part 49: Rachel: Story 01

...I'm bored.
This is Rachel. Rachel is vampire. I really don't know how vampires work in this universe, but I assume they feed off spite and tea.
Do you fel tired, madam?
No, not really.
I do hope that is the truth...
Thank you... Today's tea is exquisite.
You are too kind, madam. Today's tea has been imported from Amaruga. I thought perhaps you would appreciate its rich aroma.
As well documented as the BlazBlue universe is, this is like the only time Amaruga is mentioned. So it's a place. Somewhere.
I see... I do detect a subtle difference in flavor...
Madam Rachel, is something amiss?
...Ah. N-No, I'm fine... My nerves, you see.
If you wish to rest, I will see to it that the bedchamber is made ready for you straightaway...
I appreciate the concern, Valkenhayn, but all that I require is more tea.
Of course, madam. I shall prepare a second pot posthaste.


I look up at the sky, at the moon shining like a lustrous pearl in the heavens, surrounded by its retinue of shimmering stars...

...but it is one of those stars that interests me, not their lord the moon.

A star of ill omen.

A star that shines its brightest when the earth is on the brink of destruction.
As I look that star, I has moved, but only ever so slightly...

The stars...

I know what it means. I know that, once again, the time has come. I know that, once again, that terrible thing will make its debut.

I know that, once again, the world is about to end.

I stand and delicately prod Nago and Gii with my foot.

O-Owwww, that hurt, Princess!
Do you do anything but sleep? Come. We are going out.
G-Going out... But we just got back! We usually get some time to relax before we have to go out again...
The situation has changed. Get ready. Now.
I'm not sure what you're talking about, but...the time has come for us to act, right? Oh my goodness!
I am not sure myself... But that is what I intend to find out. Hehe... It has been a while since I felt this kind of excitement.
Oh, the apocalypse is coming? HELL YEAH GIMME SOME OF THAT.

Your tea, madam-- Ah... Gone already? They grow up so fast...a shame this tea shall go to waste...ah well, a good house is a tidy house...

Long time, no see, old man.
Oh, we haven't seen this guy since...the first update? It's been too long.
You have changed little, I see. No sense of propriety whatsoever. A man such as you is not welcome in a place such as this. I would humbly request that you leave. Immediately.
Hey now, don't be so cold. Don't we go way back? I've had to spend hours surrounded by the stench of those flowers because I don't wanna see that damn vampire.
...I'm terribly sorry. Perhaps you did not hear me. I believe I asked you to leave.
Hahaha, just forget it, man! There's no use. You should know that. Don't tell me you're going senile.
Aww, did I hit a nerve? Hahaha, you're mad at me for telling the truth? Hahaha! What kind of logic is that?
Oh? You wanna keep goin'?

Just when I thought you had calmed down, you start cleaning...As square as always, eh?
...Enough. What do you want?
Nothing really. I was just wondering if you've realized yet.
What on earth are you talking about?
...The stars are moving.
Coperniucus would be losing his shit right now if he could hear this conversation.
I hope your precious little lady is all right. Well, that's all I really wanted to say. See ya around.
...Oh, dear... Perhaps old age is getting the better of me. I did not notice...I am on my way, Madam Rachel. I pray for your safety...

The update I had was too long so have this cool into instead. Rachel is kind of cooler than I really remembered.