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Part 50: Rachel: Story 02

...How barren. How did we end up here...?
I guess even you can make some mistakes, Princess...


...P-Princess...! Someone's coming!
I have eyes, Gii. Now shut your ugly mouth before I remove it from your face.

Hello there, child. How do you do?
Are you...a witch? You came out of nowhere...
I beg your pardon? Clearly those ostentatious eyeglasses do your eyes no good. Perhaps they would serve you better forcibly inserted into your mouth.
Witch please.
What do you think, Sis...? About this person...Sis? What's the matter!?
Milady, that guy's talking to a puppet... I think we should keep on walking.
Still depending on your sister at your age? How pitifully sad. How dreadfully irritating.
"Dangerous"? You're saying that person is dangerous? Who in the world are you...? This has never happened before... Sis is reacting to someone other than myself...?
Have you ever heard of the word "manners"? Inquiring about a lady's nature is not only rude, it is the very height of impropriety!
You're dangerous... I'm not really sure why, but you're a dangerous individual. My sister said so!

Here's some stuff about Rachel. I didn't really mention it, but using wind to move yourself forward to continue combos is also pretty important. Especially considering most of her normals are extremely short range.

Hah! You mean you thought you stood a chance against the princess?
What should we do with this boy, milady?
Let's see...
I would rather leave him, that he may live to regret his actions.
The princess letting someone go...?
You have no idea how lucky you are.
I shall see you around, child. Good day.
G-Guh... I...I'm...!

Eh? Oh dear... It would seem I have arrived too late. Madam Rachel is still on the move.
Ah, I'm terribly sorry... You are...?
It has been some time... I take it this young gentlemen is your new master?
Having a master is rather difficult, wouldn't you agree? Here, allow me to--
As cautious as ever, I see. But I am no longer your enemy.
Do not concern yourself. All that matters is that we can understand one another. Let me see... Ah, I believe there is a rather skilled doctor in Orient Town. I believe that will be my next stop. Would you care to join me?

Dammit...who...are you...? Noel Vermillion! Are you...!
M-Major Kisaragi! Please hang in there! I'm calling a doctor right now!

Why did the Major attack me...? He seemed really disoriented...What should I--

Oh? Awake already, are you?
Eh...? A-Are you talking to me?
I see no one else here.
Sh-She's scary...
Shh! I've heard women can fight with just their eyes...
Picking a fight with Noel is kind of cruel though. It's like bringing a machinegun to a rock-paper-scissors match.
I don't like your eyes.
Don't you think it's rather pathetic to rely on those...things?
Wh-What are you talking about?
Those...little toys you insist on carrying with you. Can't even talk without it, can you.
Th-That's because...
Oh for goodness sake, child, make up your mind! Your behaviour sickens me, although I can't say I expected much.
Wh-What do you know about me!?
...What do -I- know about -you-? So you really want to know? OK... I shall indulge you.

Enough of this. I have not come here to experience your lamentable attempts at conversation. I am here to determine if you possess the power to change this world.

Oh my god what's going on.

For this match, from what I have as hearsay and Noel matches, keeping Noel out of range is the thing to do. She can Optic Barrel Rachel at full screen though, so that's something to watch out for. Otherwise, Noel doesn't have any really good tools for getting in or any reversal options if she happens to get stuck in the corner.

I believe I will be taking those toys of yours now.
A-Ah...give it back, please! Those are important. They're really important to me! So please...give them back!
Ah! No...

Why...Why do you have to be so mean to me? ...Why?
...Is that all you can do? How disappointing. Without your toys, you are nothing more than a hysterical child. To think I thought you might change the world... Nago! Gii! Let us depart.
All righty!

UUUUGH Rachel.

Rachel's theme, Queen of Rose.

Aumanor posted:

The ghost is kind of immaterial right now so Valk can't really do shit to him.

Yup. He realizes he can't hurt him after he tries once.