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Part 51: Rachel: Story 03

How terribly persistent of you, Harlequin.
Why have you come here? Do you intend to intervene now?

Something is strange...

There he is, standing before me--the man once known as Hakumen, a hero. But now he fights for his own beliefs, his own form of justice, to escape this never-ending cycle of cursed fate. Still...

Something is not right... Something has shifted. Just as the star has shifted, so has the course of the world. At first, I thought perhaps Kokonoe was responsible. After all, she is the closest to uncovering the truth, and she knows of my efforts to change this cursed world.

I thought perhaps she would attempt...something. But this?

This is not Kokonoe's doing. She could never cause a shift of this magnitude.

Then, that would mean...

You smile...why?
Well, I thought that, since I am here and so are you, perhaps we could play a little?
...Surely you jest. You are nothing more than a spectator. You would be wise to take your leave.
Dost thou prate, rogue?
Big words from a clown with no audience.
Hahaha... A clown, eh? Let us see who between us is truly a clown.
Dost thou jeer, and taunt me in the teeth?
Oh yes. Yes, let's do. I believe I would like that very much.

Alright I did even less of these than I usually do.Rachel is hard.

As for Rachel V. Hakumen, don't get hit. Basically that's Rachel's every match, but letting Hakumen get close is pretty terrible.

Begone, Harlequin! The stage grows tired of your wooden performance, and your audience has long since departed.
Damnable intervention! A curse upon you, harlot!
Once again Hakumen is teleported away by the devices Tager set up in his story.



It would seem that once again, all we can do is watch...
Hey there, vampire.

...Ah. I suppose I should have known. I never had much use for Mr. Occam, but perhaps I was wrong... If -you- are here, the shifts I've been forced to endure begin to make a modicum of sense.
You're pretty sharp for a shitty vampire, haha. Been doin' a little studying?
I thought perhaps death would humble you somewhat, but I now see that was a foolish hope. You still have the complexion of a maggot and the face of a worm, I see.
Well, there are lots of things I can do -because- I look like this...
Perhaps you would enjoy being a bug? I don't mean to presume, but such an appearance would suit you. I could take pleasure in stomping you!
Your insults are so dull. I couldn't even get angry if I tried... Maybe you should study up on how to insult your opponent?
You should just sit back and drink your little tea, stupid vampire. Huh? Get it? Understand me? Haha. Probably not. You're a dumbass after all.
How dare you--
Oh man...I'm gettin' tired of picking on vampires, so I'm gonna head out. See ya.

A-Are you OK...?



Kuh! He would dare speak to me, to -me-, in such a way!? Why, if I could get my hands around his vicious little neck--


M-Milady! Calm down, please! Calm down!
I-I don't think I can take much more...
Haah, haah, haah...Hahh...
You sure you wanna leave that guy alone? He might be up to no good again...

Choice time!

So. REVENGE, like, you know, whatever.