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Part 52: Rachel: Story 04

Why should I waste my time on a charlatan like him?

Yeah both choices mean the same thing, whatever. Semantics.
I-If that's the case, then I suppose it's OK...
I will say this only once. Do not speak of him in my presence, again. Ever. There will be consequences.
I won't... Ever...
...Princess, somebody's coming!
I grow tired of this. Who approaches?

...Why the hell are you here?
...Damn you!

Is that all? Hah! Plato may have believed the Forms were incorporeal and atemporal, but here you are before me: the Form of a fool!

Shut up! I won't be insulted by someone kickin' back in the box seats!
...Such vicious accusations! Why the venom, Grim Reaper? I don't believe you're after me.
Now you're just askin' for it...!

Here's a good example of what Rachel can do if you know what you're doing. Ragna, being that he doesn't have any real projectiles, tends to have a hard time getting in on Rachel.


T-The princess...
Hit him with a fist...
I've never mentioned this before, but it's kind of cool and revelant. If you pay attention to Rachel's combat animations you'll see she never actually does anything herself. All her attacks rely on her clothing, Gil, Nago, or something she summons. She never even gets hurt, Nago always takes the hits for her. Every other character is willing to throw a punch or two, but Rachel is too good for that.
Why you...! What the hell was--

Why do you hold back?
You still don't understand? Even after so many repetitions!? Don't you see that your lack of conviction dooms this world to oblivion!?
H-Hey...what the heck are you talkin' about? I have no clue what's going on...
Why are you fight? Why are you living... Why were you born!? You're here only to destroy the world, aren't you!? To end it all!?
I was...just... !?
*sigh* The time has already come... You...
Wh-What's with you? You're creepin' me out, rabb--

Not now. Listen to me. Never admit defeat. Endure whatever pain you may face, and fight until your last breath, as a human being. Even if you are ugly, and pathetic, and broken...
And have dumb hair, and are stupid. I mean, no offense.
Please, Ragna.


That's what I was planning to do anyway. Tch, so this is the climax, huh...? All right, bring it on!


It would appear I have failed, once again.

How many times have I been this very spot. The entrance to the dream from which I can never wake...the doors of the abyss...
And here I am. Again. Everything the way it was...


...A voice!?
This...this voice...


Are you awake, milady?
...Yes. In fact, I feel quite refreshed.
Do you indeed? In that case, I shall prepare the most exquisite tea before you have returned to your customary foul temper.
"Aw shit, a span of minutes that you aren't being an asshole in? We gonna have to celebrate this."
...An excellent idea, Valkenhayn. Would you be so kind as to bring it to me in the courtyard? I shall be waiting.
Of course, madam.

The quite beautiful tonight.

Alright so the other Rachel ending is kind of interesting too, so I'm gonna do that one. I also said I would update faster and I lied, oh well.