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by Party Bug

Part 53: Rachel: Story 05

Nah, Rachel ain't gonna take this shit.

Oh, the pain I will visit upon that man... I will see him beg for death.
But, we don't even know where he went...
We will find him with Kokonoe. I am loathe to admit it, but I know him.
Then, we're going to Sector Seven, right?
That is correct. If he has not yet gone to Kokonoe, then she must know of his imminent arrival.

You there.
Hm!? Wha-!? How did I not detect your closing in!?

I need to speak with Kokonoe. You will assist me.
Speak with Kokonoe...? Who the hell are you!?
That is none of your concern. Why have you not begun preparations?
I am referring to your matter transference device.
...Hah! Give me one reason why I should listen to you!
I know that it leads to wherever Kokonoe has hidden herself, and I know that only she can activate it.
Wha-!? How do you know that!?
Must I explain everything? Have you never considered that you are the key which activates the device?
I'm...the key...? Just how much do you know...!?
This is a new thing we learn. It could be part of Tager's shutting down at the end of his story is because his teleport device works off his own body.

Oh dear... This is going nowhere. If you find me a nuisance, why not simply attack me? When you change modes, you will activate the key on this end!
Also because we gotta pad out this story with more fightin'.

Poor Tager. This match is really in Rachel's favor, she just has too many zoning and movement tools for someone as slow as Tager to do much against her. Rachel can just sit far away and snipe with her frog, pumpkins, or cannon. He can sledgehammer through said projectiles and try and bait Rachel, so you do need to keep track of your spacing.

In the end even though Tager got a significant buff in Extend this is still an uphill battle for him.

This power... What on earth...are you!?
Perhaps you shouldn't have held back, mechanical man. If you'd only obeyed me when I first requested your assistance...
Have we not been over this? This dreadful mess makes it difficult to access her from the outside. How like her. Thank you for your assistance. Until we meet again, Mr. Red Devil.
Who the hell is she...? Kokonoe...are you gonna be OK...?

Goodness gracious, how terribly bothersome...
...Rachel? How did you get in here?
Why, with the key, of course.
Ah, that's right... You can see everything, can't you?
If you know that much, surely you've noticed...
Yeah, I have, and I've tried about a million things, but none of 'em work. All failures.
Indeed... Success comes rarely and never easily. I must congratulate you. You did discover it much faster this time.
...I see. Then there might be hope for us yet...
One can only hope. I believe, however, that task is yours.

So it's up to me...who isn't really me... I kind of feel responsible, but at the same time, I don't... Weird. Well, I'd love to stick around and shoot the shit, but I've got plaecs to be, things to do...

Oh, I wouldn't dream of keeping you from your important work, but there is one thing I thought you should know.
What's that?
Your old friend Terumi has returned.
What did you say...?
He's rather close now, I would say.
...Oh, you needn't tell me. You would rather I stayed out of this, wouldn't you?
Well, I guess you just know it all, don't you? I'm gonna take him down, you just watch. I can't let a bastard like that exist!
Then I wish you the best of luck. Perhaps this time around, you will achieve that which you desire.

At times, I have regretted it.
At other times, I have welcomed and accepted my place.

But this time...I feel a change of heart.

Perhaps even I, a simple member of the audience, can change the play, if only in a small way.
I begin my long walk home with hopes high.

I will sit, and I will watch the seeds I have planted, and perhaps their growth will bring the change my play so desperately needs.

Yay, we did it! We beat the game!