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Part 62: True End 01

We finally made it. The True End Story (good english) is unlocked when you complete all other characters stories. Let's do this.

A gentle breeze blows through Ragna's hair. It's the end of December, but the breeze feels warm. Probably because it's coming from the Hierarchical City. The city's climate is regulated by Ars Magus to make it more "hospitable".

A light glimmers through the haze. It's the Kagutsuchi tower.

Anyway...the seithr is pretty thin around here...

Ragna takes a deep breath and lifts up his right hand. The plate on it begins to glow. A ring starts to take shape in the air, about as high as Ragna is tall. He steps through the ring, and it glows. A seal appears in the air behind him... An Ars.

He doesn't look any different...but the Ars has erased his presence. Ordinary people won't even notice him now.

Well, I guess it's about the right amount...

Walking down a path as choked with seithr as this one is suicide for most people. Ragna doesn't think he's likely to meet anyone. But there are a few people who, like Ragna, prefer to travel on foot. The concealment Ars is for them.

Ragna senses someone behind him...he knows letting an enemy get the jump on him would be a pretty bad idea, which is why he chooses to travel undetected.

Let's see...I guess I can get there by dawn.

He sighs, then picks up the pace.

...Heh, what a pain in the ass.

Suddenly, he feels a powerful presence at his back. He spins around to confront it, and sees a small shadow moving through the thick blue clouds. The shadow isn't human...

...It's a cat. But not just any cat. Ragna knows him. He's arguably the strongest creature on the planet.

Watch yourself, kid. Out this late, you might run into a ghost.
Oh, it's just you... You know, ghosts never show up in a place like this. They'd normally appear in wells, attics... places like that.
...Where the hell'd you hear that?
I never was one for idle chit-chat. So what did you need from me? Don't tell me you're here to pick me up. Are you trying to tell me you took care of it, so I should go home?
Oh, nothin' like that. Just thought I'd say "howdy". Been following you for a spell.
"Just thought I'd come wish you luck before your horrible and inevitable death, no big deal."
...Hm? So, that strange presence was you.
Knew I was there, did ya?
Yeah, for a while. You have been gradually shortening the distance between us, so I set up a camouflage just in case. I wanted to avoid battles if I could. Since it turned out to be just you, I guess I overreacted.

Ha. I must be gettin' old if even a greenhorn like you can spot me. Haha... hahahaha...
What's so funny? You should be happy as a master that your apprentice has grown!
Hahaha... Ah hell. You gotten that good, you ain't gonna have no trouble at all.
Huh? With what?
It's gonna be a mite different this time, kid. Things ain't gonna go the way you think. I'm just makin' sure you got fair warning.
About what? Without that information, it's not a very good warning, you know.
...I saw him. He's here.
He's lookin' for ya. You'll run in to him, sooner or later.
What the hell are you talking about? Can you explain it to me in a way that I can understand?
Don't need to. You'll understand when ya meet him.
Will you please speak in a human language? You're not making sense at all.
Sorry, but I ain't human. You know that.
Yeah, yeah, whatever. You're not gonna tell me after all, are you? You've never answered my questions on matters like this.
All right. I gotta get going.
Unlike you, I only have human legs. I want to get there by dawn.
...That so? Well then Ragna, guess I'll be seein' ya.
Yeah, yeah. Good luck to you, too.

Jubei watches Ragna's back as he stomps off into the clouds. With a final farewell to his former student, the cat fades back into the seithr.

...What was that about anyway?

Jubei's warning hadn't helped. He'd been to plenty of Hierarchical Cities, and destroyed plenty of Library branches and their Cauldrons...

...but none of them had ever made him feel this uneasy.

What the hell is this sensation...? Am I scared? No way...

Meanwhile, this dream team is arriving in Kagatsuchi.

I see. Then, you're saying you don't remember anything peculiar about Major Kisaragi's recent actions. Is that right?
Yes...ah, my apologies. I just remembered one thing...
What is it?
Uh, um...I suddenly felt dizzy, so I don't remember clearly, but...
Yes. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt awfully I'm not sure if what I'm about to tell you is credible at all.
Noel, you are the worst intelligence officer.

No, anything will be helpful. It might lead us to some crucial clues.
...OK. U-Um... At that time...the major was laughing. I'd never seen him laugh like that...
Laughing? ...Major Kisaragi was laughing? ...Excuse me. Please continue.
Yes, sir. And...he was laughing hard. I don't know why the major suddenly started laughing like that. I was really surprised by it...
Well, I have to say, anybody would be surprised to see Major Kisaragi laugh hard.
There's something overwhelming about that if he was haunted... I was horrified. And, as he laughed, the major repeated the name of the Grim Reaper like a mantra... "Ragna, Ragna..."
He's referring to Ragna the Bloodedge. This is important information, Lieutenant. we expected, Ragna the Bloodedge is likely to be the reason for Major Kisaragi's solo behavior. But, why? all boils down to that question, after all. We thought it had something to do with Sector Seven...
Is something the matter?
No, it's nothing.
Anyways, Ragna the Bloodedge might lead us to Major Kisaragi... We should probably head to headquarters now.
Huh? Why?
Why? Lieutenant, Ragna's targets have always been the NOL, haven't they? It's only natural to think Ragna is headed for the NOL branch in Kagutsuchi. I'm sure that Major Kisaragi will figure out that's where Ragna will be. That'll naturally drive Major Kisaragi to the headquarters in Kagutsuchi as well.
I-I see...
I see? Well, I'll investigate this city as well, just in case. There might be another reason for Major Kisaragi's solo behavior. Seriously...pease pull yourself together, Lieutenant. Have you finished reading the reports?
Ah, um... I'm sorry...I haven't...gotten around to it...
Ugh...well, I compiled all the reports already...but I'd like to avoid failing the mission and being held responsible for that failure, only because you didn't completely grasp the situation.
I know... I apologize...
It's all right, but make sure to go through them later.'s morning already...
Oh, yes... it is...
Ragna usually attacks the NOL at night. His actions during the day have never been confirmed. So I think it should be more effective to collect information in Kagutsuchi first, than staking out headquarters at this hour. Can you take care of it, Lieutenant?
...I will.

What is this? Why is there no one around? There're no signs of any battles,'re brother? No, that can't be! What the... What the hell is going on here?
Jin's here too. There's actually something I haven't noted, though it was mentioned in the original thread. It seems like no matter who shows up at the Library base, it's empty. Neither Jin, Ragna, or anyone else seems responsible. I wonder what that's about! And so will you until the next game.

What's up with every single Library being hidden at the top of mountains? It's such a pain in the ass.

Suddenly, something blocks Ragna's view. A sickeningly sweet smell fills the air around him, and he feels dizzy.

And Rachel has to ruin everything, like she always does.

...!? Tch, I don't want to run into her...hey, rabbit. What the hell are you trying to pull?

You would do well to watch your mouth, peasant. Must I educate you in proper conduct toward a lady?
Are you stupid? Do you even know what you're saying? If you don't understand the meaning of it, that's the last sentence I want to hear from you.
Oh, is it? Rebellious servants must be punished.
Hey, since when am I your servant!? You idiot...wait, you're not serious, are you?

Fun fact, the game makes you play against Unlimited Rachel for this fight. That really sucked in Calamity Trigger, when she was like the best character ever.

Hey, what are you up to, stupid rabb--Rachel? It wasn't exactly playful.
I was only having a little fun. Oh my... Don't tell me... Is that all? No, that's not possible. You wouldn't wish to disappoint me, would you? This is dull. Why don't you die again? That should be interesting.
...What? Oh very well. I feel merciful today, so you may speak a few last words. My gift to you. But no more "idiot" or "that's enough"... Those are quite played out. I require something better.

How long do you intend to stand there? It is time for my tea, and I do not wish to look at you. Or perhaps you could care to share some tea with me? No, perhaps not. I doubt a...person...such as you could appreciate the beauty and nuance of tea.
No, thanks. I'm taking off. That is, if you let me out of here, you idiot.
You do enjoy calling me an idiot, don't you? I've kept track. It amused me...Gii.
Yup! He said it five times!
Oh my... Somewhat less than I thought...
Hey, that's enough. Stop treating me like I'm a moron...

Oh, but you are.

We're nearing the end of the line, folks.

I switched to Jin's announcer for these last fights, so listen to that if you want to get all hot and bothered by his smooth tones. I also totally had the LP done by the 24th, so I'm considering this a moral victory even though I haven't posted it.

edit: CP owns so hard.