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Part 63: True End 02

Rachel is nice enough to dump us right where we need to be.

Damn it. I can't believe that stupid rabbit threw me out like this...huh? There's no one around. Tch. What the hell is going on here? I've got absolutely no clue.

Ragna swears to himself. Something about the place doesn't feel right...but he really doesn't care if there's anyone there or not. He's not visiting the Library for its people. The Grim Reaper has something else in mind...all he cares about is accomplishing what he came to do, as soon as possible.

He stands before a huge set of doors. He tries the handle... They don't seem to be locked. He grits his teeth, grabs the handle, and throws open the massive doors. Bright light streams out from the room behind the doors. Ragna throws up his arms to shield his eyes and squints into the room. The room is huge and empty. The silence is deafening.

Someone's there... Who's that!?

The light is too bright... He can't see their face...he can't even tell if the person is male or female...

An officer from the Library--

Ragna's eyes adjust to the light, and the mysterious figure's face comes into focus. He recognizes it immediately. He snarls and lunges at the figure. Memories can flooding back.

Their swords locked. A true stalemate. From in between the gap, they catch a glimpse of each others faces. Ragna's face, distorted with rage. Jin's face, as cold as steel. Red versus blue.

I was getting very tired of waiting...long time no see... Ragna...

Ragna's mind is filled with flames... He sees the past...

Memories of the past...a room...filled with fire...

Jin! You bastard!
Why so angry? We're finally able to meet again...
Cut the crap, bastard!

Who would've thought that you...were Ragna the Bloodedge...
You? I'm pretty sure it was you.


I'm impressed... You have the highest bounty known to man...everyone's after this "Ragna the Bloodedge"...
Mind your own business!

What is this strange sensation...
Ragna is time trippin'. What he's seeing are previous iterations in the loop. It's a glitch in the matrix.
But you see, it -is- my business. You know I'm with the enemy of the NOL is an enemy of my own... Haha, just kidding. I've never thought like that... hahahahaha.
Yeah? You sound like you're having too much fun!

Ahahaha...oh...and you're not, Brother?
Oh, yeah I am. Thanks to you, idiot!
Why do you have to be so cold, to me... Brother? Hahahaha...let's have fun like we used to...hahaha...
What's the matter, Brother?
...You're in my way. Get out of my sight.
That hurts, Brother... Am I really getting in your way...?

Don't make me say it again, Jin.
So, it's true... I'm a nuisance to you...then, I guess we are, after all--I see...I guess... I'll have to kill you...

In Calamity Trigger you didn't have to fight an Unlimited Jin, because he didn't have an Unlimited form back then. So I just did it for fun.

I have tons of questions that i need to ask I won't finish you off. Just lie right there.
Ugh... Hehehe... Hahahaha...Brother... Brother...! I'm the one...! K'hahahahaha...

That Jin face in the cutscene is pretty good.