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Part 64: True End 03

Ugh! What the hell is happening to me? What's this crazy vertigo?

Major Kisaragi! Are you all right!? Major! Major!
...He's unconscious. He seems to be injured, too...could this have been done by Ragna the Bloodedge?

Oh, good, the timing couldn't be more perfect. It's safe to say that the mission is complete.
"The timing couldn't be more perfect"? If we were a little late, Hazama, Major Kisaragi would've been--
Uh, you seriously think so, Lieutenant? Do you think you can stop Major Kisaragi after he goes out of control? I don't think it's possible for even two people. Even more so if it's something that even the major couldn't defeat... Ragna the Bloodedge was probably here.
My duty is to restrain Major Kisaragi, and not Ragna the Bloodedge. I have to say this situation is quite convenient.
Hazama is the epidome of 'fuck you, got mine'.
What's the matter, Lieutenant Vermillion?
Hazama, please continue attending the major. I'll go after Ragna, whom I believe went inside. Another duty of mine is to restrain Ragna.
Oh, really? I guess you have no other choice then.
All right. I'll see you later.

I didn't realize this before since I was panicking...but I haven't seen anybody since I got here. I've never seen a deserted department in the NOL before. There's no way someone of Hazama's caliber would have missed that...
There's no way someone WITH EYES would have missed that.
But why? If we leave Ragna roaming around like this, the situation will become worse. Why...why did he say such a thing...? That man...

Noel follows Ragna's tracks...

Eventually she finds herself in the giant chasm that leads to the basement...

The elevator control panel nearby indicates someone has already used the elevator to descend.

An elevator? Why is something like this here? It seems to be going down... Ragna? seem to be working hard, Miss Noel. Well...I'll be in trouble if you don't try harder.

He climbs into the elevator. With a roar, it begins to move down. After what seems like an eternity, it finally grinds to a halt...this must be as far as it goes. Other branches have had elevators like this one, but none of them had any that took so long to reach the bottom. Ragna can't help wondering just how deep underground he actually is.

Just when I thought it was taking too long, it finally stopped.

The elevator doors open. Laid out before him is a tableau he's seen many times before.

So I guess this place does kinda look like that. Now then--

So you have arrived, Dark One...

The moment Ragna sees him, he freezes. Not out of fear, but almost as if he's been matter how hard he tries to move, Ragna can't lift so much as a finger.


Ragna grunts in pain. Every fiber of his body wants to get out of that room as fast as possible, but no matter how much he struggles, his body refuses to respond. All he can do is stand there and stare at the man before him.

His face is a mask, and Ragna can't see any eyes to speak of, but he can't shake the feeling that the creature is staring straight at him...As if it can see straight through him. Ragna can't blink... The mask...fear rolls over him in waves...the thing standing before him is dangerous...far more dangerous than any other foe Ragna has faced.

Finally, he manages to force words from his dry throat...

Bastard...who are you...?
I am the end of you.

Jubei's words echo through Ragna's head: "Don't need to. You'll understand when ya meet him."

This can't get any worse...
...Is something the matter? You seem to be shaking, Ragna the Bloodedge. Is this pitiful child truly the most powerful this world has to offer?

His voice echoes across the room as he unsheates a sword as tall as he is. The sword is brilliant silver, and it shines with a cool, hard light...Ragna feels a drop of cold sweat trickle down his spine. He understands what's about to happen all too well. It terrifies him.

The darkness that infects our world springs from you, a font of evil...I shall staunch that flow...and put and end to you!


Ragna strains to move his body, drawing out all the energy he has isn't enough. He remains trapped; paralyzed. All he can do is stand and watch. But he doesn't give up. He can't give up. One thought echoes through his mind..."I can't let it end here!"

Tch, why don't you put an end to your life instead, you son of a bitch! Cut the crap, and just bring it on!
I am the white void. I wipe the slate of the world clean, that it may begin anew! I am Hakumen! The end has come!

You are finished, Dark One... Return now, to the maelstrom of chaos from whence you were born...
Aw crap!
The end has come for you, Dark One! The sword descends!

What!? How dare you interrupt me! Ugh... Get out of my way, Grimalkin!
Continuing with business as usual, Hakumen is about to make his exit.

H-Hey... What the hell's going on...!?

I-Impossible! The casual interruption has been dispelled? Hey, get the hell out of there! Now! You aren't strong enough to beat him!

Oh. Oh dear.

BlazeEmblem posted:

So you could have pulled off your astral against both Rachel and Jin, but didn't. I'm guessing you are saving the astral finish for the final boss?
Astrals aren't fun unless you do them to actual people. Computers can't get mad.