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by Party Bug

Part 65: True End 04

So this time Hakumen isn't going away.
I-Impossible! The casual interruption has been dispelled? Hey, get the hell out of there! Now! You aren't strong enough to beat him!
Wh-Who the hell are you!? Stop talking inside my head!
That doesn't matter! Just get the hell out of there! Tager! Can you move at all!?
Sorry, Kokonoe! I'm tied up!
Tager! Hey, Tager!
Tager, being a cool guy, gets to be the only side character with a cameo in the main story.
...Who the hell are you!? Damn it! Somebody tell me what the hell is going on here!?

Your time is done, Ragna the Bloodedge...the ruler of the netherworld calls your name...
As much as I want to get the hell out of here, I don't think I can...

We finally get to see what this Azure Grimoire everyone is so hot about is capable of! Apparently it turns Ragna into his Unlimited form. Gee, that sure who have been handy in about 724 other permutations of his life.

What is this...?

The scene before her eyes is that of utter destruction. Dust hangs in the air, a remnant of the epic battle that took place here. On guard, she slowly moves deeper in. Before her is a massive hole, and what looks like...a pot. For a moment, she's struck speechless by the spectacle.

I've...seen this before...

Ah...ah...ahh, ahhhhh!

Well, this seems to have stayed the same.

Target confirmation, target confirmation, target confirmation, target confirmation...

Murakumo Unit, activate...identifying target... the target match has been confirmed. Who... are you...?

I...I...I...I am...dimensional boundary contact medium No. 12... Anti-Sankishin Core Unit... Request explanation regarding circumstances and target...
(Uh? What is this? What am I saying...?)

Noel is losing control of her body...the words coming out of her mouth are not hers...

Existence description...dimensional boundary contact prime force No. 13 Anti-Sankishin core unit, Nu. The existence of the target is a violation. Immediate self-destruction is advised.

Advice has been declined...existential sustainment is priority.

Searching for secondary protocol. Unexpected contact with the same individual. The activation of the target has been confirmed. Termination is suggested...thus--

Begin termination.
Begin termination.


No matter how many times Noel attacks it, the creature won't stay down.

Continue assault on the target...
(I...can't move anymore...)
Reestablishing connection...
(Is it over for me...? Am I...gonna die...? But, I'm not scared... Is it because of the Nox Nyctores?
(I wonder what Tsubaki and Makoto are doing right now...)
(I want to go out and have a piece of cake with them again...)
(I wonder how my foster parents are doing...)
(I hope my father's not working too hard...)


(I...don't want to die!).

She waits for the final blow, but it never comes.. slowly, she opens her eyes...


There's a man standing in from of her. His clothes are torn, and he's covered in blood. His back is to her, so she can't see his face, but something about him is...nostalgic.

Ah, ahh!

Her tears begin to fall... She doesn't know why. Or maybe...she doesn't care... He turns around to look at Noel, and she can see sudden surprise in his face.

It took too long to take care of that bastard...hey you, stay where you are!

Worth noting that in the original story mode this was the only fight that went for two whole rounds. It was, firstly, because it was the boss fight. Secondly, it was because the main theme of the game, Ao-iconoclast played during it get you super hype.

You just don't know when to stop, do you!?
Hahahahahahaha! Ragna! Ragna! It's impossible, Ragna! Nothing will change! You can't change anything! Hahahahaha!



One more to go.