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Part 67: True End 06

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a game that chronicles the end of a 100 year time loop. This is the simplest description possibe.

Here's a very truncated timeline:

Click here for the full 2500x998 image

Now, the reason the loop starts isn't made clear during the course of the game, but what keeps it propagating is Ragna and Nu fusing together and falling into the cauldron. Jin Kisaragi, Ragna's brother, likewise enters the cauldron and emerges as Hakumen after he's given his armor by Rachel.

There are several notable people who know this time loop exists, some of which are actively working to 'fix' it. Rachel Alucard is the first, classified as an 'observer', supposedly unable to interfere with events. Hazama, AKA Terumi, is another observer that similarly wants to end the time loop so that Noel Vermillion will inherit the True Azure, the power of the Boundary. Kokonoe is also aware of the time loop, as well as Jubei and possibly a few other people not in this game.

The central conflict, as mentioned, resolves around Noel and her getting ahold of the True Azure. Noel herself is, unknown to her, a Murakumo unit. She was created to explore The Boundary, a space outside of time where all the 'dead' or 'unused' timelines go. It's unclear what makes one 'The Eye' able to weild the true Azure, but apparently Noel has it. Terumi is actually the 'winner' at the end of the game, because he gets Noel to look at him. This is explained further in Continuum Shift, but basically he links himself to Noel.

Worth noting is that the Azure Grimore, the thing Ragna has, is just a 'shortcut' to the Boundary. The True Azure is the real thing.

Confused? You should be. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift helps to answer a lot of the questions that are left lingering by Calamity Trigger. Unfortunately, BlazBlue is also one of those games with tons of backstory that’s only available in the manuals, novels, games, and other things that aren’t released outside of Japan. If you really want to learn the intricacies of the story, you better start doing some research.

Honestly, just play Continuum Shift. It’s a good game.

is Noel, really?
Noel is an orphan, who also happens to be a Murakumo unit. If you remember in the opening there’s a big space laser that blows up a city, and Noel is left behind. She was actually supposed to be chilling out at the bottom of a library base like all the others, but accidentally got released into the wild. She’s also the inheritor of the True Azure.

is a Murakumo Unit?
Clones designed to explore the Boundary. Clones of who? Well, it seems to be Ragna and Jin’s sister.

is the Boundary?
A place where time and space collapse together. Junk timelines all gather there. Tapping the power would make you mad powerful or corrupt you into a crazy blob bug thing.

is Terumi’s deal?
He stole Ragna and Jin’s sister, and has managed to successfully end the time loop and have Noel Vermillion become the new Eye. There's a whole lot more stuff up with him, but Continuum Shift and Chronophantasma cover them.

Is Takamagahara?
A person/place/thing that collects data on all time loop permutations.
See: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

started the time loop?
See: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

are the indentities the Six Heroes?
Jubei, Hakumen...
See: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

about Bang?
Bang is the worst.

should I do with my life now?
Well, hopefully theonlypie314SA is going to be doing a Continuum Shift (AKA Relius and Hazama’s Excellent Adventure) Let’s Play that will probably treat the game with more reverence than I have so far. Continuum Shift has a good story, that’s all I’ll say about that.

Chronophantasma is also going out sometime in March for North Americans. It’s actually already out in Japan and you can buy it and play it and be cool. If you want more information on that you can get it on Dustloop. I will probably be occasionally streaming Chorophantasma as I get better at it and when it makes me want to flip my TV over slightly less.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with videos or just posted corrections and cool things in the thread. Except S-Alpha, who is also the worst.