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Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo

by Fiendly

Part 1: Demons and Fiends: Prologue & Chapter 1

Demons: Prologue & Chapter 1

Based on: Preta

Based on: Kappa

Based on: Karakasa-kozō

Based on: Komainu

Based on: Kama-Itachi

Fiends: Prologue & Chapter 1

Based on: Oni
Instruction manual description (only available for non-hidden Fiends in the prologue and first chapter): Great Horn uses demons called the Carrion Beetles to spread poisonous air and torture humans for their souls. With its powerful claws, the Great Horn is capable of destroying large boulders or even splitting the ground open.

Based on: Nurarihyon
Instruction manual description: This Fiend nearly kidnapped Dororo. The Homunculus preys upon children because it is weak and can only bully someone inferior to itself.

Instruction manual description: The Scourge has hundreds of tentacles to capture its prey. Although the Scourge is a huge Fiend, it is quite agile and dangerous.
Recovers: Nothing


Based on: Kijo
Instruction manual description: This Fiend deceived the residents of Yudai Village for many years. The Ogress gives them money when the village is broke, and takes it away whenever it prospers.