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Original Thread: The Purge but with werewolves: Let's Play Bloodborne [VLP]



I'm sure a lot of you know what Bloodborne is, but for those unaware here's a quick rundown. Bloodborne is a game by FROM Software of Souls fame, and it plays pretty much like a quicker Souls game. Ditching the dark fantasy of the Souls series, Bloodborne adopts a more victorian and gothic horror style, which is part of the reason why I love the game so much.

As a bit of backstory; I love Bloodborne. From the gameplay to the sheer style it oozes, this is easily my favorite Souls-esque game. An LP is something I've considered for a bit, but, I wanted to capture the "first impression" style that would've been impossible by myself. That's where Compufreak and Devious Vacuum come in. They're both friends of mine who've experienced very little of Bloodborne, and both showed interest in this plan of mine.

Now, a couple things about the LP setup. I do not have a capture card, which is unfortunate, but, I can use PS4's streaming in a way that allows to me to record at at least 720p. It's not perfect, but, it looks serviceable, and the fact that I get to do this in the first place makes it good enough for me. Unfortunately the streaming situation does cause a few frame drops and some pixelization problems, but I feel it turns out otherwise fine, despite those issues.

On the topic of Chalice Dungeons! I bring this up in the first episode, but, I'll only be briefly showing them off so I can get a specific armor set. The Chalice Dungeons are just completely uninteresting, and while some of the bosses in there have neat lore implications, it's not worth it to delve into them.


- Keep spoilers in spoiler tags: My co-commentators won't be looking at the thread too often for this exact reason, but on the chance there's someone reading the thread that hasn't experienced Bloodborne in some manner, I'd rather future things be kept a surprise.
- Try not to devolve into tangents: A discussion about mechanics is fine, but if it's just a constant back and forth about something with nothing coming from it, I really don't care. That's about it, honestly.
- And of course all other SA and LP forum rules apply.

Episode 1: Shotgun Grandpa
Episode 2: Teen Wolves
Episode 3: Papa G
Episode 4: The Technical Difficulties Episode
Episode 5: Feat. Special Guest Jordan Mallory
Episode 6: The One in Which I Get Owned
Episode 7: Reindeer and Cthulhus
Episode 8: Thread, What's Your Favorite X?
Episode 9: The Highschool AU
Episode 10: The Long Con
Episode 11: Understand the Concept of Snake
Episode 12: Everything is fine.
Episode 13: Compufreak yells about the sky.
Episode 14: Everything is still fine.
Episode 15: Fuck the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
Episode 16: Time to go Full Anime
Episode 17: Pixels (2016, feat. Adam Sandler)
Episode 18: More like the Owned Reborn
Episode 19: We're not gonna go there
Episode 20: Goddammit Patches
Episode 21: Cross Counter
Episode 22: Legends of the Hidden Temple
Episode 23: This is Halloween
Episode 24: Oink
Episode 25: Moon.
Episode 26: Kevin is the Chosen One
Episode 27: Bastion OP
Episode 28: In Which I Disappoint Everyone
Episode 29: Elevators.
Episode 30: Good Boy Beams
Episode 31: Bloodborne After Dark
Episode 31A: Tale as Old as Time
Episode 32: Owned by Murlocs
Episode 33: The Secret Word is Halloween
Episode 34: Indestructible
Episode 35: A Tale of Souls and Swords, Eternally Retold
Episode 36: Lovecraft, Madoka, and Blood


Bloodborne Co-op Chalice Dungeons [1] - The Cop AU
I'm sending the thread off to archive: We're still doing the Chalice Dungeons, but, it's going to be a lot less organized and scheduled. You can check Bo's youtube, or my own (I'll be stuffing them in the Bloodborne playlist when they come out) if you want to see them.

Huntsman Ordinary Villagers/Zombies:
Average, ordinary villagers that Bleaksol murders because they blame him for all their problems. They're probably not wrong. Also, maybe zombies?

Carrion Crows Big, Creepy Crows:
Big fat creepy crows that drink blood.

Huntsman's Minions Igors Solomon Grundys:
They're basically Igor from Frankenstein Solomon Grundy but with a brick and sometimes a statue.

Wheelchair Huntsman Shotgun Grandpa:
I'm hunting hunters! - Shotgun Grandpa, 19xx

Large Huntsman Teen Wolves:
Angsty teen wolves that have had their hearts broken one time too many by Sir Bleaksol.

Maneater Boar Big Ass Pig:
Gotta stab it in the butt!

Church Servants: The Slasher:
Basically just the guy from Scream.

Beast Patients (Female) Shitty Halloween Ghost:
A POISON shitty halloween ghost; one of the most deadly breeds.

Beast Patients (Male) Bigfoots:
Please don't burn them again, they're very sensitive.

Kidnapper Bagm'n:

Brainsucker Teen Cthulhus:
They're not a crow.

Hunting Dogs Knife Dogs:
They keep trying to play fetch with you, but, you can't understand it. Because of all the knives. Much like Edward Scissorhands, the tragic hero, and classic Tim Burton character.

Mad Ones Slenderman:
Find all eight pages to fight the boss for Hemwick Charnel Lane.

Hemwick Grave Woman Witches of Hemwick:
Y'know, Witches of Hemwick WOULD make a pretty good tumblr rp blog name.

Executioners Pecsecutioners:
If you're wondering if they just have really great pecs, or they execute pecs, the answer is: yes.

Snake Balls Snorbs:
Snake orb.

Small Celestial Emissary: The Boys Woobly Boys Crunchberries:
"What's the dark, gothic fantasy version of 'boing'?"

Garden of Eyes The Fly
That's a bug.

Fluorescent Flower Pseudo-Gaping Dragon:
"It's like a human centipede, but without the human." - Compufreak, 2016

Bloodlickers Mansquitos:
What the fuck.

Bloody Crow of Cainhurst The Bloodborne OC from Deviantart.
Fuck you.

Parasite Larva Bloodthirsty Randos:

Lost Child of Antiquity Real Boy Gargoyles:
I don't have much to say here other than why the fuck are they called "Lost Child of Antiquity".

Cramped Casket Many Children of Gravelord Nito:
Today we learn that Gravelord Nito is actually a dad. That explains all the "neato" puns.

Scourge Beast (Skeletal) A Whole Bunch of Dudes Stuck Together: That's Gross

Scholar Undergrads:
"Hooooow do I solve this prooooooblem?" - Undergrad - two hours before class.

Loran Silverbeast Wolf (Circus)
Where's their honky nose?

Giant Lost Child Glue Mummies:
"Hey, what's that flying towards m- OH GOD! -YOU DIED-

Nightmare Apostle Spirit Halloween Spiders:
Get them for like 99 cents at the halloween store.

Mergo's Attendant Temple Guards:
They're going to come to your house and break all your toys. (This is an in-joke.)

Mergo's Chief Attendant The Kurvog:
They'll get Olmec on your ass if you piss them off.

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Macintosh:

Old Hunter's Hound Bloodhounds:

Nightmare Executioner Pecsecutioner the White:
"OH GOD!!" - Compufreak, 2016

Clocktower Patients Nightmare Milkmen:
Their milk brings all the hunters to the clocktower.

Clocktower Patients (Head) Party Poppers:

Fishman (Melee) Murloc Tidehunter:
"Death will rise, from the tides!"

Fishman (Curse) Murloc Tidecaller:
This guy gets crazy strong at family reunions.

Giant Fishman Old Murk-Eye
He's a legend among murlocs. "Mrghllghghllghg!", they say.

Fishman (Staff) Coldlight Oracle:
They can see the future. In that future both players draw more cards. Spoooky.

Fish Dog Piranha Pets:
I don't get it.


Wordybird highlighting one of my favorite moments from episode 3:

Shlapintogan shows that the Mad Ones Slenderman don't give a shit about your mortal physics.

Wordybird shows how incompetent I am at videogames.

DeviousVacuum shows what would happen if our snake friends tried to go the movies.

Shlapintogan proves that even if you're being attacked by a murderous hunter, you still have time to exercise.

Wordybird showing off Bleaksol getting his just rewards.

SweetNAwful gives her interpretation of Kevin as the new crow.

Shlapintogan shows, uh...y'know what, I got nothing.


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