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Part 18: Oh My Heart

Update 17 - Oh My Heart

We have two side quests to wrap up at The Cloisters before we turn our attention to the main quest. I used the Instapigment we received from the second Nancy in order to enter the place without being attacked.

Sir Helveticus is the the left-most room.

Transfer Money posted:

Sir Helvecticus give you 25000 dollars. You now have 537194 dollars in your account.

Dismiss Member posted:

Sid is removed from the party

We can dismiss any member at any point using the game's menu, but I've never found a purpose for it. I can only think of two times it would be useful: 1) Removing Nimrod 7 from your party when visiting the street gangs 2)Removing Melissa Van Helsing from the party before entering the second room of Grant's Tomb. (Yes, you can do that, and then you won't have to fight her. She disappears from the game entirely if you do that.)

Thanks again, Stark. You'll make a fine Knight of the Red Crosse.

No and thank you. Sir Anias is in the the right-most room from the main chamber.

It could also mean that they turned him vampire and took his armor away from him, but that thought doesn't cross Sir Anias' mind.

Take Object posted:

Sir Anias takes the Red Crosse Breastplate.

Why not. We've got an empty space in our party, and we could use someone else who's good at killing vampires.

I am yours then, and let your enemies beware.

Anias will stay with us even when the Instapigment wears off. He doesn't have any dialogue regarding Stark being a vampire. So much for the Red Crosse Knights being experts regarding vampirism!

Good to have you, Anias. Hope you get the chance to avenge your friend.

He's pretty much only good for fighting, which is all we need him for.

Christof Romuald would be proud.

We've got two things to do here.

Combat later. Talking first.

I got film of the guy in action.
Great. Can I have it?

Why are we even given a choice?

Great! Old McCalaster's not gonna know what hit him. I'm on the way up! And McCalaster's out the door. His wife'll kick him out on his ass. He would've never even had a job in the mailroom if it wasn't for her. Listen, I'll take care of the whole St. Patrick's thing. The paperwork on the lien will be conveniently misdirected. Next time you talk to Mother Mary, she'll be one happy madre, I'll tell you that.

Take Object posted:

Bill Dougan takes the McCalaster Holofilm.

Then he just sits there in his office.

But he'll be moved into McCalaster's office if we visit there.

Bill Dougan posted:

Bill Dougan has taken over Walter McCalaster's old office. Dougan's appearance has definitely improved: he's seen a tailor, is immaculately groomed, and no longer has the look of a beaten puppy.

You're looking pretty good, for a guy who used to wear cheap suits.
Hah! Pitiful, wasn't it? Poor excuse for a man, wasn't I? Well, It just goes to show you what taking control of a situation can do for one's self-esteem. Never did find out what happened to old McCalaster. Then again, who cares! All I know is, things are looking up for Bill Dougan. It's good to see you again, Stark. But the workday is a busy one for a TransTech executive. I'm glad you dropped by, though.

Here we go. I've equipped both Stark and Anias with blessed soul blades. Who knows what could be waiting for us in this room.

Really? His heart is that big?

The beast's heart. He stores it in that incubation chest to the right. We must destroy it.
That clever bastard. He's somehow linked his life essence to that heart. That's got to be our target, but we're going to have to blast these guys to get it.

This can be one of the hardest fights in the game, if not the hardest.

I've placed Stark near the incubator, Sir Anias directly behind Abraham, and the other four in the foreground.

Stark will try to stake the heart. That's what you're supposed to do with hearts, right?

Uh.. I guess in the heart's torso.

Rymma, Lash, Hakim, and Charley will target the second enemy from the right (he's equipped with a Biosiphon, one of those terrible bioweapons), since he can interrupt Stark trying to stake the heart. Sir Anias will keep Abraham Van Helsing occupied. Abe can't actually be killed in the fight, you have to stake the heart.

This is a little odd. Stark isn't doing anything, even though Alexandar Tennant said to stake the heart.

Charley, Lash, Rymma, and Hakim will now target the right-most enemy.

Okay, let me spare you the confusion.

We actually cannot stake the heart.

So what do we do?

You just have to shoot it.

More useless equipment. There's nothing noteworthy that drops from the fight. The good news is that Abraham Van Helsing is actually dead.

When the fight ends, I accidentally exit the room since they drop you at the very top of the screen.

When we reenter the room...

Charley's a little slow.

Location posted:

TransTechnical's room 1122 houses a remarkable spectacle. A large hologram of Van Helsing's beating heart dominates the room. Off in the distance is the actual organ, connected to a life-support system.

What could possibly be the purpose of having a giant hologram of his heart?!

Anyway, someone new spawned after the fight ended.

You'll need a priest to exorcise the vampiric evil from you. You'll also need the ultimate icebreaker, the only way to eliminate the evil from your data angel. Come back when you are prepared, and I'll give you the code to a safe place in the net where the exorcism can take place.

Let's get to it. We only have two things left to do: Go back to Mother Mary, and go back to Chuck.

Our bloodlust is at 80% though. We should get that free bloodlust reset at the hellfire club before anything else.


Here then. Come here. The nanomachines are awash in the plasma in this syringe. Here. Please, please, don't hurt me. There. The nanos are in your bloodstream. I've no idea how long they will work for, uh, for uh, one of your kind, but they should ease your desire for blood.

This doesn't stop our bloodlust from rising - it just drops it back to 0%, like drinking the bottles of blood.

The Cathedral is closest, so we'll start there.

Keep your voices low. And, please do your best not to curse while we're in here.

Let's bring Mother Mary the good word.

McCalaster won't be foreclosing on the church any time soon. He'll be too busy looking for work and begging his wife to forgive him. Here are the documents that McCalaster planned to use against you.

Yeah, well I did it for me. You owe me, Mother Mary.
Yes. I am aware of that, Ransom. But, understand, I don't help you out of obligation. It's my calling and my blessing to heal suffering souls. Are you prepared for my joining you?

It's necessary that she join us at the point in the game.

So there's a choice for the thread to make. Actually, to make this easier, there are two. We have to recruit Chuck, as well. We need both of them in our party.

Who will Mother Mary and Chuck replace?

Main Quests
Bring Chuck (Electric Anarchy) the TransTech list of Deirdre's associates
Go to Dr. John Harker (Room 1122) with a priest and the ultimate icebreaker