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Blue Stinger

by OatmealRaisin & Panzer Skank

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Original Thread: Blue Stinger: A Let's Play Christmas Special

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Let's celebrate the holiday season together with a Let's Play Christmas special! Start by clicking on this recommended listening, courtesy of Geop:

Blue Stinger was a launch title for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999, alongside better games like Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, and NFL Blitz 2000. It was developed by Climax Graphics, who later changed their name to Crazy Games, presumably in an attempt to make people forget that they made Blue Stinger when they developed their next game, Illbleed. Blue Stinger has the interesting distinction in that it was actually released on August 30, 1999. This means you could go to a store, buy Blue Stinger, and then go home and look at it for a week and a half while you waited for the Dreamcast itself to launch.

Click for big. Seriously, do it. Read that garbage.

It's a live-commentary blind-run marathon-style extravaganza! Before the LP Panzer had never seen any of the game past Hello Market and I had never seen anything past the first boss. To mitigate our getting lost in the labyrinthine hellhole that is Dinosaur Island, we've got one of the worst-written walkthroughs available on the internet today.

Panzer and I both knew if we didn't play through the whole game in one go, this LP wasn't going to happen. The initial idea was to play through the whole game in one sitting, although at around 3AM we decided to move the goalposts, get a few hours of sleep, and pick up in the morning. The result? Over 10 hours of video recorded in less than a 24-hour period.

We're posting a new video every day until Christmas! We've got a lovely little advent calendar here so you all can follow along as we suffer our way through this horrible game.

... yeah...

The Swimsuit Competition







Captain Fargle

Devious Vacuum


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Malachi Constant






Great Joe

The Heavenator

Tuxedo Ted


Akratic Method

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And finally, TapamN ripped a whole bunch of textures from the game disc itself for us to gawk at!

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