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Bomberman 64

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Everybody in the World Wants to Kill Me - The Bomberman Megathread



---The Game---
Bomberman 64 is the bomber's first foray into 3D gameplay and an early Nintendo 64 title. It's generally agreed to be one of the failed attempts to bring a 2D franchise into the 3D gaming generation - controls are finicky, level design and location of secrets often clash with the controls, physics are wildly inconsistent, bomb stairs are fucking stupid. However the nostalgia factor also tends to be high with the game for those who played it in their youth, particularly with the soundtrack. Ultimately, it's a game with interesting ideas but poor execution, and the franchise would be better served by its later 3D installments.

The story is such:
An evil invader named Altair uses the power of the Omni Cube to steal energy from planets. When he and his minions are done with a planet, they steal a chunk of it, lock it to their fortress, and fly off to their next invasion. Our hero Bomberman witnesses Altair's fortress land on Planet Bomber and attack it, and he is tasked by a mysterious stranger, Sirius, with stopping Altair and saving Planet Bomber.

---The LP---
I will be collecting the 100 gold cards required to unlock the final world. However I will not necessarily collect the custom parts, nor will I worry about the gold cards in the final level or the unlockable time-limit costumes.

World 1 - Green Garden

World 2 - Blue Resort

World 3 - Red Mountain

World 4 - White Glacier

World 5 - Black Fortress

World 6 - Rainbow Palace


The Corrector

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