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by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Everybody in the World Wants to Kill Me - The Bomberman Megathread



What is Bomberman?
Bomberman is one of the oldest gaming franchises out there. It started with a simple action puzzler wherein you play as a cute little robot guy, blow up bricks and balloon people, and make your way through nondescript grid-based worlds. As technology advanced, so too did the franchise, and Bomberman stretched his legs into many other fields: more widespread 3D action puzzlers, adventure RPGs, platformers, racing, minigame party games, and everything else Mario beat him to. The franchise has also become synonymous with frenetic multiplayer, and frankly it seems you can release any old shit as long as an old-school multiplayer mode is intact. But at his core (and core complacent fanbase), Bomberman's still that grid-based action hero. At least he was until Hudson Soft went belly-up, sold Bomberman to Konami, and Konami stopped caring about everything ever. C'est la vie.

This short, single-video LP is of the NES classic (remade for the PS1 as a "Party Edition"), edited down to avoid too much repetition but to still give the general idea of the game. It was recorded for the Bomberman Megathread, and you can watch everything made for the Megathread in this playlist. The video was also recorded during our 2012 Extra-Life charity stream, thus the commentary. My co-commentators are Mugiwara Yoshi and Redundant.

PS: The game's sequel, Bomberman II, served as the finale to the Megathread, thus the massive time gap between them.

Video: Bomberman (NES)

Extra: Bomberman Party Edition credits


Bomberman II (AKA: Dynablaster in some regions) is the sequel to the original NES Bomberman and the first to feature the now-signature multiplayer mode. The game's structure is very similar to the first, except Bomberman travels to different locations rather than wandering around the same green box. It's also the introduction of Bomberman's recurring evil twin (and future ally) Black Bomber. In all, the game is closer to an origin of Bomberman as he came to be known than the original.

The video for this LP is edited much the same as the first Bomberman, due to the repetitive nature of the game. It also serves as a bookend to a long, troubled Megathread and an off-kilter celebration of all it accomplished. My co-commentator is Highwang.

Video: Bomberman II [Megathread Finale]


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Bomberman II
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