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Bomberman Generation

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Frolicking Through the Fuses - Let's Play Bomberman Generation (VLP|100%)


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---Game Description---
Bomberman had a solid run going from his conception back in 1983 for the MSX through the end of the SNES' lifetime. However the Nintendo 64 years were not kind to him, and he found his attempts at moving into the 3D realm, Bomberman 64 (the one with the great music), Bomberman 64: The Second Attack (the one with Pommy), and Bomberman Hero (the one with Pibot and "Redial") lacked considerable luster and ended up not aging well.

Then came the GameCube and cel shading, and soon Bomberman found himself with a competent, if often stupidly difficult 3D title: Bomberman Generation. It's not a great game, and we're gonna mock the happy dingleberries out of it, but at least it's decently designed, aesthetically charming, and pants-pissingly voice-acted.

The story is such: There exists in the universe jagged rocks of unfathomable power: The Bomb Elements. Professor Ein sends a freighter to gather these inexplicable polygons and bring them back to Planet Bomber for studying. However the Hige Hige Bandits, teaming up with rival bomber faction The Crush Bombers, attack the freighter and scatter the Elements across nearby planet Tentacalls. It is up to Bomberman to fight off the Bandits and Crush Bombers, lest the Bomb Elements lend their power to a most despicable evil... a Hogan-esque wrestler with crotch bulge and no indoor voice. 

---LP Description---
Some of you may remember my Bomberman Hero and Bomberman Jetters Let's Plays from last year. In the latter, I frequently noted how the entire game was just Generation but watered-down, but I never got around to making a comparison video showing exactly how that was the case. In all honesty, I would have LP'd Generation instead, but at the time I had not managed to beat it. Recently I managed to beat it. (Believe me, I felt like a chump) As such, here we are. Part of this is also because the Twilight Princess and Pikmin 2 LPs are often subject to delays, and I want something that I can work on during the downtime.

Like Jetters, this will be a 100% run where I collect all Lightning Cards and Heart Containers. Charaboms and Bomb Merge items/bombs are required for those, so their collection is largely a forgone conclusion.

Because I intend for this to be a very frequently updated LP, commentary may often include a cycling group of guests, and/or whoever happens to be available at the time I want to record.

Co-commentators featured throughout this LP:
*Mugiwara Yoshi
*Epee Em
*Syrg Sapphire
*Suspicious Dish

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Opening Cinematics

No commentary

Commentary + Let's Play Intro - (with Mugiwara Yoshi & BigTUnit1)

World 1: Tentasia

Part 1 - (With Mugiwara Yoshi & BigTUnit1)

Part 2 - (With Epee Em and Redundant)

World 2: OctoOcean
(With Galeboomer and Syrg Sapphire)

Part 1

Part 2

World 3: Tako Desert
(With Mugiwara Yoshi and JelloApocalypse)

Part 1

Part 2

World 4: Nekki Moon
(With Redundant and Suspicious Dish)

Collection Time

World 5: Majestar
(With Mugiwara Yoshi and BigTUnit1)

World 6: ArmorJoe & Ending Credits
(With Mugiwara Yoshi and BigTUnit1)


Extras & Battle Mode
(With Mugiwara Yoshi and BigTUnit1)


(By Melaneus)

(By Shaezerus)

(By How Ingratiating!)


The Heroes



The game's titular protagonist is a bit odd this time around. His proportions seem to be almost realistic, which is actually creepier than usual (I think it's the belt squeezing his guts). He might have Restless Legs Syndrome, as he's physically incapable of standing still, which also translates to him being unable to run without flinging his legs high into the air. On the other hand, he polishes his bombs, so he's probably just a mentalist.

Professor Ein

"It's me!"

Mission control has never been so damn lonely. Professor Ein is the only character bothering us for this game, and he contacts us every chance he gets and loves to drag out his dialogue long after giving his useless advice. He's probably Shout's real dad, or at least Grandpa.


"Get a grip."

Unlike Jetters, MAX is not a playable character. He instead appears in boss fights when you're running low on health, wherein he attacks the boss for a full heart of damage, then gives you a free Heart refill. Supposedly his appearance depends on the amount of Lightning Cards you collect in the world before fighting the boss, but all I know is he's a whispery little cunt.

The Hige Hige Bandits

Led by everyone's favourite bulge bomb, Mujoe, the Hige Hige Bandits are out for an unfathomable power, which of course means they know exactly how to use it for their own ends.

The Crush Bombers

Megaton Bomber
"I am the strength of the Crush Bombers!"

He's big, has a ball-and-chain, and they made him retarded. They didn't make him difficult though, but plenty of his colleagues will be.
Lightning Cards:
1 - Beat in under 4:00
2 - Konk him on the head with a Big Bomb and hurt him with it
3 - Hurt him with a Big Aqua Bomb
4 - Blow up a Big Bomb during his Megaton Crush attack. He might need to instigate the explosion with the attack.
5 - Blow up a Big Bomb during his charge attack. Might need a Charabom that gives Remote Control bombs.

Beauty Bomber
"I am the red jewel of the Crush Bombers!"

As Six of Spades put it in this very thread: "I'm sure glad I now know what true beauty is - tentacle-wings and bright pink metal boobs." She throws bombs at you with her ass and uses laser-spotlight robots as shields and weapons.
Lightning Cards:
1 - Beat in under 4:00
2 - Use Andlar to hit the spotlight robot with a Big Bomb while it is shielding her
3 - Same as above but with a Big Aqua Bomb
4 - Stun her with a Big Bomb while she's standing still, right before her "Lure of Elegant Flash" attack
5 - Use her own spotlights to blow up a Big Bomb and hurt her during "Showtime!"

Eagle Bomber

The most irritating Crush Bomber, both to fight and to get Lightning Cards out of. Personality-wise he's kind of dull, and like his teammates he's not very smart.
Lightning Cards
1 - Beat in under 4:00
2 - Bean him with a Big Bomb when he readies to do his "TWISTER!" attack
3 - Bean him with a Big Bomb after he finishes doing his Eagle Comet
4 - || || || || || || after he finishes carpet bombing the arena
5 - Blow up a Big Ice Bomb in his face when he flies around the arena before a Piledriver. It won't hurt him, but you will still get the card.

Assault Bomber

The French and insane Crush Bomber. Overkill is his MO, and hysterical is his default emotion.
Lightning Cards
1 - Have him vacuum up a Big Water Bomb
2 - || || || || || || || Big Ice Bomb
3 - || || || || || || || Big Wind Bomb
4 - Block one of his mortars with a Bomb Barrier
5 - Using Anglar/Angol, throw a Big Bomb into his pelvis when he detaches his torso from it

Bomber Elite
"Watch your step!"

The androgynous male (yes: male) leader of the Crush Bombers. He's awfully polite for taking any chance he can to blow up and/or electrocute the fuck out of you.
Lightning Cards
1 - Beat in under 4:00
2 - Bean him with a big bomb after he does a simple teleport in front of you (does this at the start of the fight)
3 - Bean with a big bomb when he drops his shield after dropping disappearing bombs around the arena (only does this when he has more than two hearts of health left)
4 - Bean him with a big bomb when he drops his shield after doing his charge explosion attack.
5 - Blow up a Big Light Bomb on the original when he splits into three (the original will always be the one at the top when the process starts)
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