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Bomberman Tournament

by Mr Phillby

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Original Thread: Everybody in the World Wants to Kill Me - The Bomberman Megathread



Bomberman Tournament is a fun, easy game that takes the basic Bomberman gameplay and stuffs it into a bag with Zelda's overworld/dungeon game structure, then beats the shit out of that bag with a gnarled stick labelled "shallow Pokemon-esque creature collecting/battles". It's sort of a spiritual successor to Bomberman Quest for the GBC and predecessor to Bomberman Story for the DS. (The "tournament" of the title refers to the game's standard link-cable multiplayer.)

It's also the second game to feature Max (the first being Bomberman Max: Red/Blue for the GBC). Tournament follows Bomberman's search for the mysterious cyborg after he disappeared while investigating meteors on Planet Phantarion. Along the way Bomberman will meet and recruit Pokemon Charaboms, this time spelt Karabons. The game's setting, planet Phantarion draws heavily from Neutopia, an early Zelda-alike developed by Hudson.

Full Playlist here

Note: Most of these videos are from 2012, and the sound quality in some of them is pretty bad. Sorry!

Part 1: Forest Zone
Part 2: Magnet Base
Part 3: Beach Zone
Part 4: Pretty Base
Part 5: Ice Zone
Part 6: Plasma Base
Part 7: Desert Zone
Part 8: Golem Base
Part 9: Fantasy (finale)
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