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Original Thread: Let's Solve a Plethora of Puzzle Platformers! Now Playing: Fez, QUBE and Vessel

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There's something just perfectly balanced about a good puzzle platformer that makes it more fun than an action platformer and far less boring than a straight puzzle game. My friend Matt (Mott514) and I have always been big fans of those sorts of games, and we intend this thread to be both a tribute to and exploration of the genre.

With, you know, lots and lots of frustrated cursing.

Here's the plan: for every game, at least one of us (the player) is going in completely blind. If the "passenger" knows the game, they're allowed to give very minor hints (e.g. to keep the player from going in pointless circles or down complete blind alleys), but generally should sit back and laugh at the other guy's misery. For most of the later games, both of us will be completely blind, and so we'll be working cooperatively to solve the puzzles.

As for editing, we're going to be flexible. Our goal, as always, is to provide entertaining if not actually informative commentary, so if the conversation stays good even while we get stuck, you'll see subtitles pop up directing you how far to skip forward to get to the solution. If we get so stuck that we run out of things to talk about and just kind of spin around in circles saying "durrrr," we will edit the boring period out of the video entirely.

At the same time that I somehow never played Portal, Matt somehow never played Braid. Since one of my favorite things to do is vicariously relive my own first experience by watching new people tackle the puzzles, I assigned him this game as his first contribution to the LP. The results have been... unexpected.

<-- This is the first video, despite the number.

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