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Part 5: The Stage is Set! Let's Fight in Hell's Valley!!

Update #5

Happy Turkey day! Today Musashi does battle with the dreaded Skullpion. There's also a bonus video that goes over some very minor stuff from chapters 1 and 2.

If you're hearing weird pops in the bonus video, the emulator I'm using to record the video part of each update messes up the dialogue audio for some reason. Usually I fix this in post, but I figured it'd be too much trouble to have to replay the whole two chapters again in order to grab audio from a better source.

The Stage is Set! Let's Fight in Hell's Valley!!
Bonus Video #1

Misc. Artwork


Gingerelle & Bubbles
Members of the Thirstquencher Army's spy group. It is rumored that they are beautiful sisters who compete for the number one spot in the Thirstquencher beauty contest.

Colonel Capricciola
Fuhrer Flatski's right-hand man. A cold and calculating strategist.