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Part 14: A New Crisis? The Princess Visits the Village!

Update #14

Today marks the start of a new chapter, but things aren't looking too good for Grillin' Village. Will they ever catch a break? Meanwhile, Fores once again proves that he's fully capable of maintaining Steamwood.

A New Crisis? The Princess Visits the Village!

Misc. Artwork
Chapter 5 Cover


Tim & Mint

The son of Hilda (owner of the Grocery Shop), Tim (left) is a rambunctious boy with a lot of big ambitions. His dream of conquering big adventures lands him in sticky situations on occasion. The daughter of Hotelo, Mint (right) is Tim's loyal friend and join him in his adventures.

Mayor McGoven
Grillin' Village's leader, Mayor McGoven always has a task for Musashi to complete. Although at times it may seem that he leans on Musashi too much, his concern for his village is genuine.

Ben, Ed, & Topo (Leader's Force)
Topo (Right), the mouse-eared dancer, loves raves music and declares herself the leader of the trio. Ed (middle) and Ben (left) also claim to be the head of Leader's Force, but instead of dance parties, they prefer to steal precious items from Allucaneet's citizens.