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Part 15: Damp Tunnels? Let's Find the Next Scroll!

Update #15

With the money crisis averted, Musashi continues his search for the next scroll; but where the heck is it!? Meanwhile a new problem is on the rise, and its name starts with a 'P' and ends with 'soup'. Also a new toy update.

Again, sorry for taking so long to get this update out. Luckily the school semester is over so I won't have constant assignment deadlines looming over my head while I work on this. During this time between updates, I gave Musashi: Samurai Legends another try in hopes it would emulate better, it doesn't, and all I took away from it was a itch to make an AMV of all things. (See below.)

Damp Tunnels? Let's Find the Next Scroll!
Bonus Video #3
Bonus Video #4: Musashi Electric Legends