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Part 19: Attack On Soda Fountain! Musashi Vs. Leader's Force!! Part 2

Update #19

After running through some puzzle mazes, Musashi works his way to the Soda Fountain Courtyards where security is at its tightest. Musashi will have to fight through wave after wave of Thirstquencher's strongest in hopes of reaching the Princess. Will he make it? Or is this the end for our hero?

Also LP curses amirite? Soon after posting the previous update I got really sick and couldn't record commentary. (I'm still a little sick now.) And unfortunately once I get sick it takes a good while before I even start to feel better. Anyways just wanted to let ya'll know what happened to me, and why I ended up sticking my foot in my mouth on saying updates would be quicker.

Attack on Soda Fountain! Musashi Vs. Leader's Force!! Part 2

Also, now that we've seen every common enemy in the game here's a bestiary to categorize all of them.

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